Mechanical Engineering Technology

(For non-Mechanical Engineering Technology majors)

The minor in Mechanical Engineering Technology consist of 15 credits and is relevant to students with appropriate mathematics and science backgrounds. This minor provides students with the fundamental aspects of Mechanical Engineering Technology, and it can bring them additional employment opportunities and career options.  The courses for the Mechanical Engineering Technology minor within University College are as follows:

Required Courses (12 Credits)

EGTM2232 Mechanical Measurement and Devices
EGTM2230 Manufacturing Process
EGTM3248 Mechanical Technology Design I
EGTM3250 Mechanical Technology Design II

*Elective Courses (3 Credits)

EGTG2221 Statics
EGTG2228 Strength of Materials
EGTG3351 Applied Thermodynamics
EGTG3431 Dynamics
EGTG4224 Process and Electro/Mech. Control Systems Technology
EGTG4225 Industrial Automation
EGTG4254 Fluid Mechanics
EGTM4356 Stress and Vibration Analysis

*With the approval of the academic advisor, students may take other higher-level EGTG or ETGM courses as electives.

To take any course in the minor, a student must meet all prerequisites for that course.