Legal Studies

[NOTE: Change in Minor to 15 credits effective Fall 2016. Current students can elect to move to 15 credits minor as of Spring 2016. Consult with your advisor] 

 (Available to all students)

Required Courses (12 credits)

CRIM1120     Introduction to Jurisprudence
POLS1101     Introduction to Political Science
CRIM3319      Courts and the Judicial Process
CRIM3890     Legal and Analytical Reasoning

Select one Elective Course (3 credits)

CRIM2205     Criminal Justice Research Methods
CRIM1103     Criminal Law
CRIM2100     Professional and Legal Writing
CRIM2214     Procedural Law
HIST2105      Crime in History
POLS2253     American Government
POLS2254     Public Policy
POLS3355     American Constitutional Law
POLS3327     Civil Rights and Liberties
POLS2212     International Law
HIST2215      Constitutional History U.S.