Electrical Engineering

(For non-Electrical Engineering majors)

The minor in Electrical Engineering consists of 19 credits and is available to qualified students with appropriate mathematics and science backgrounds. This minor provides students with a foundation in electrical engineering, and it can enhance their employment opportunities and career options. To take any course in the minor, a student must meet all prerequisites for that course. The courses for a minor in Electrical Engineering within University College are as follows:

Required Courses (16 credits)

EENG2221     Signals and Systems I
EENG2222     Signals and Systems II
ENGR2286     Digital System Design
EENG2287     Microprocessor System Design I
EENG3265     Electronics I

*Elective Courses (3 credits)
One course must be chosen from the following:

EENG3223     Linear Systems
EENG3266     Electronics II
EENG3267     Electronics III
EENG3288     Microprocessor System Design II

* With the approval of the academic advisor, students may take a higher-level EENG course an elective.