Creative Writing

[NOTE: Change in Minor to 15 credits effective Fall 2016. Current students can elect to move to 15 credits minor as of Spring 2016. Consult with your advisor]

(non-Creative Writing majors only)

This 15-credit minor enables students to express themselves by writing scripts, fiction, poetry and nonfiction. Since creative writing improves writing skills in general, all students will benefit from the Minor in Creative Writing. Students in the minor will study works of literature to understand the expectations of the genres. Additionally, by writing in workshop settings, students will learn what makes fiction, poetry, scriptwriting and creative nonfiction both distinctive and unique. All students electing the Creative Writing minor must take at least nine credits of Creative Writing courses from the following list. The remaining six credits can be fulfilled with any additional Creative Writing courses or any literature course offered in the English department.

Creative Writing Courses:

ENGL3325: Creative Writing I (Fiction)
ENGL3326: Creative Writing II (Fiction)
ENGL3327: Creative Writing I (Poetry)
ENGL3328: Creative Writing II (Poetry)
ENGL3333: Creative Writing I (Nonfiction)
ENGL3334: Creative Writing II (Nonfiction)
ENGL3335: Creative Writing I (Scriptwriting)
ENGL3336: Creative Writing II (Scriptwriting)
ENGL3337: Creative Writing I (Cross-genre)
ENGL3338: Creative Writing II (Cross-genre)