British Studies

This 15-credit multidisciplinary minor embraces British art, history, philosophy, literature, sociology, communication, and political science. This concentration would be ideally suited for students seeking a deeper understanding of the development of modern Britain, including periods of colonialism and decolonization. Students may take courses in University College as well as at Wroxton College.

Choose any five courses from the following list that count toward the British Studies minor:

ART3415: Development of British Painting in Britain and North America (WR)
COMM3026: Communication:  Culture and the Media in Britain (WR)
ENGL2203: British Literature I
ENGL2204: British Literature II
ENGL3351: Medieval Literature
ENGL3353: Chaucer
ENGL3355: Renaissance Literature
ENGL3357: Shakespeare I
ENGL3358: Shakespeare II
ENGL3359: 17th Century Literature
ENGL3361: Milton
ENGL3363: 18th-Century Literature
ENGL3365: The Romantic Era I
ENGL3366: The Romantic Era II
ENGL3367: The Victorian Era I
ENGL3368: The Victorian Era II
ENGL3421: Not of an Age… But for All Time (WR)
ENGL3422: The Play’s the Thing (WR)
ENGL3463: England’s Green and Pleasant Land (WR)
ENGL3466: Three 19th Century Writers (WR)
ENGL3467: 18th Century Literature (WR)
ENGL4447: “The Tempest”: Music Rich and Strange
HIST3333: History of Britain, Ireland, and the Empire-Commonwealth I
HIST3334: History of Britain, Ireland, and the Empire-Commonwealth II
HIST3422: Britain in the Modern Era (WR)
HUMN4408: The British Mind
HUMN4409: The British Imagination
INTER3430: The Anatomy of Contemporary Britain (WR)
POLS3450: British Government and Politics (WR)
POLS3454: Descent from Power: British Foreign Policy Since 1900 (WR)
POLS3456: The Power and Personality of the British Prime Minister (not global) (WR)
SOCI3440: Women in Race in Modern Britain (WR)
SOCI3445: Social Policy in Contemporary Britain (WR)