Degree Requirements - Post-baccalaureate Re-Specialization Track

This track in Psychology is designed for individuals trained in other professions (e.g., law, business, or natural sciences) who are now interested in pursuing careers in mental health and /or applied areas of psychology . The goal of the Re-Specialization Track is to give individuals the appropriate background necessary to have a competitive edge when seeking admission to graduate school in psychology. The coursework includes undergraduate and graduate offerings and covers essential concepts and theories, psychopathology, statistics, and research methods.
Admission Requirements & Information
  • Proof of an undergraduate baccalaureate degree (diploma or undergraduate transcript from an accredited college or university) with a minimum undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required for admission to the certificate program.
  • Three letters of recommendation.
  • A personal statement detailing the applicant's reasons for re-specialization and his/her interests in the field of psychology specifically are also required for consideration of admission to the track.
Fast Track Application Process
Application materials are kept to a minimum so that students can apply at any time. Students simply need to complete a short application form with a personal statement and arrange for letters of recommendation and undergraduate transcripts to be sent to the school of Psychology. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores are not necessary for acceptance into the certificate program. Once application materials are complete, admissions decisions typically occur within two weeks. Once admitted to the track, students may begin coursework at the start of the fall or spring semester.
Personalized Advisement

Upon acceptance into the certificate program, students will be assigned a personal faculty advisor who will monitor their progress and provide guidance regarding specific areas of study and careers in psychology.

Upon completion of prescribed psychology courses, students are eligible to apply to graduate programs. Their personal advisor will assist in the application process in two ways. First, the advisor will offer guidance regarding selection of graduate programs most likely to match the student’s academic and/or personal background and interests. Second, the advisor will oversee the student’s completion of application materials (e.g. GRE scores, personal statement, and letters of recommendation).

Note: Although the GREs are not necessary for application to the certificate program, both the general and subject (psychology) GRE examinations are required for most master’s and doctoral programs in psychology.

Typical Course Sequence
If the typical course sequence is followed, students will be in a position to apply to masters' and doctoral programs within one year of admission to the track. However, if students choose to enroll in the Re-specialization Track on the part-time basis, registration for at least one course per semester is required.
Fall Semester 

PSYC6601     Basic Problems in Psychology (Graduate)
PSYC6111     Theories of Personality (Graduate)
PSYC2201     Statistics (Undergraduate)

Spring Semester

PSYC7122     Developmental Psychology (Graduate)
PSYC3315     Abnormal Psychology (Undergraduate)
PSYC3202     Experimental Psychology (Undergraduate)

Upon completion of only 18 credits of prescribed psychology courses, students will be eligible to apply to graduate programs. Their personal advisor will assist in the application process. Although GRE's are not necessary for application to the Re-Specialization Track, both the General and Psychology GRE examinations are required for most master's and doctoral programs in psychology.
Transfer of credits
Upon acceptance to any of the School of Psychology’s graduate degree programs, students may transfer up to nine (9) graduate credits from the certificate program. Transfer of credits will be awarded as long as a grade of “B” or better is earned in each graduate course. Transfer of credits to other universities may be possible, but will be at the discretion of the individual institution to which the student applies.
Graduate Admissions
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