Re-specialization Program and Forensic Track in Clinical Psychology

The Respecialization Program in Clinical Psychology

The Respecialization Program in Clinical Psychology offered by the School of Psychology at Fairleigh Dickinson University is designed for the psychologist who holds a Ph.D. in another academic area within the field (e.g., Industrial, Social, or Measurement) and who wishes to respecialize as a Clinical Psychologist. After completing the clinical training portions of the Ph.D. Program at Fairleigh Dickinson University, the candidate receives a Certificate of Respecialization.

Admission Requirements & Information

Psychologists wishing to apply must complete the same materials as applicants to the Ph.D. Program, including a personal statement, CV, letters of reference, Graduate Record Examination scores, and transcripts. Applicants are evaluated as to their performance in their doctoral training, the rigor of the training provided in the traditional academic areas by their program, and indications of clinical ability and motivation. Applicants granted an interview are interviewed at the same time and in the same manner as standard applicants to the doctoral program.

Program Requirements

The student must satisfactorily complete the clinical course work of the doctoral program: all the clinical practica, the ethics and clinical case sections of the Comprehensive Examination, and an approved doctoral internship. Rules and regulations of the Ph.D. Program regarding grade point averages, termination from the program, etc. apply to respecialization students.

When the student enters the program, the Director of the Ph.D. Program and student will review the student's transcripts to determine which courses are needed. While the courses will be almost entirely clinical, in some cases a deficiency in another area may need to be made up. Clinical courses may transfer from the student's former training, as long as the faculty members teaching the courses at FDU agree that the content was comparable. The Program Director will develop a contract as to the specific requirements for the student, which both the student and Program Director will sign.

Forensic Track

An optional add-on forensic track is available to students in the Ph.D. program who fulfill the following additional requirements:

  1. Completion of at least one of the required clinical practicums at any point after the first year. This requirement can be satisfied through an NYNJDOT approved externship or similar placement meeting requirements of the track.
  2. Completion of at least two additional courses: PSYC7230 Forensic Assessment and Prediction and PSYC7235 Evaluating Criminal Responsibility and Competency.
  3. Completion of a dissertation on a forensic topic.

It should be noted that research opportunities in forensic psychology are available.

Track courses may incur additional fees if they increase a student’s credit load for a given semester above the allowable flat-fee level of 16.5 credits.

Students coming into the program without a Master’s degree may incur additional fees for the two courses mentioned above, since they are above and beyond the required courses for the clinical doctoral program.

Students entering the program with a Master's degree may be able to waive out of one or two required courses and substitute them for the forensic courses.

Completion of the forensic track will be noted on the student's transcript.