Hear From Our Graduates!


The M.A. Forensic Psychology Program  was a rewarding one, because I learned concepts, theories, and therapeutic techniques incorporated in the forensic work, and was also given a real-life opportunity to apply what I learned in the classroom by participating in an externship. Additionally, I appreciated being taught by professors with real-world experience, ready to equip me with the skills to confront real situations in my professional career. This program has prepared me for my current position as a Mental Health Counselor at the Hudson County Jail, where I provide supportive counseling to inmates who suffer from mental illness.


I graduated from the M.A. Forensic Psychology Program at FDU in February, 2013. As I progressed through the program at FDU, I was met with a challenging educational experience that allowed me to meet my full potential. The faculty brings insight from multiple facets of forensic psychology, and they present students with research opportunities and unparalleled externship experiences through their connections in the field. After completing the program, I felt fully prepared for working as a master's level clinician or pursue a doctoral degree. After completing an externship at Downstate Correctional Facility in New York, I received an offer to become a clinician at the same facility. In my first year as a clinician at Downstate I have been assessing, diagnosing and treating inmate/patients with personality disorders, substance use disorders, and other serious mental illnesses. I have been able to see the opportunity for growth and lateral movement within the state system, and I attribute my opportunities to my choice to attend FDU.


I came to FDU looking for a practical way to tie together my interests in psychology and criminal justice. The faculty here provided me with excellent skills, advice, and relevant anecdotes from their experiences in the fields of clinical and forensic psychology. The M.A. Forensic Psychology Program provided me with the opportunity to dive headfirst into clinical research at an inpatient forensic psychiatric hospital in New York City, and to complete an externship at a psychiatric center in Rockland County, N.Y.. Currently, I’m enrolled in a Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program, continuing toward my goal of becoming a licensed psychologist.


After graduating with a BA in Psychology from Goucher College, I selected FDU out of several programs I was accepted into in which to pursue graduate studies. As a full-time employed student, I was pleased with the program's scheduling flexibility and variety of professors able to offer both field experience and personalized guidance towards my goal of a career conducting criminal analysis. To culminate my studies, I completed an externship as a crime analyst with the New Jersey State Police Regional Operations and Intelligence Center. After graduating in 2011, I was fully supported in my career decision to join the United States Air Force as an Operations Intelligence Specialist.


 I am currently in my first year as a member of a Combined Clinical/School Psy.D. program. My time in the M.A. Forensic Psychology Program at Fairleigh Dickinson University was instrumental to my preparedness and current success in a doctoral program. The guidance and support that I received from the faculty allowed me to grow and delineate goals that I am now able to achieve. The practicum and research opportunities that the program offers are unique and set it apart from others. Although it is a forensic program, the curriculum is inclusive enough to prepare prospective students for careers in varied areas of psychology.


My graduation date was February of 2012.  Due to the opportunities and education provided at Fairleigh Dickenson University’s M.A. Forensic Psychology Program, I was able to find employment as a clinician in a correctional facility immediately upon graduation. The Masters program at FDU allows for opportunities in psychological research and externships, that may lead to employment opportunities. The instructors are knowledgeable, helpful, and engaging.  By taking advantage of all aspects that the program has to offer and by working hard, I now have a career that is challenging, enjoyable, and fulfilling.


As an international student from Nigeria in the M.A. Forensic Psychology Program at FDU, I was given a unique opportunity to not only learn a lot about the world of psychology, but to actively become a member of it. The course at FDU gave me a chance to take part in ongoing research and work in a psychological environment. The teachers used real life case studies, which made learning more realistic. I not only got to learn about psychology theoretically, but I also got a chance to get practical experience.

The professors at the college were most helpful, being available in and out of the classroom. Having a small class also made me feel I was a part of a family, rather than a mere student in the college. It also ensured that I worked hard and kept up with my studies, as the professors made sure each student participated during the lectures.


Upon graduation, I taught English in Japan to Junior High School students, as well as students with psychological disorders. Presently, I work at the psychiatric ward of a state teaching hospital in Nigeria. Here I have the opportunity to interact with patients living with a variety of psychological illnesses, as well as be involved in their treatment, care and management. I have been accepted into and will begin my doctoral program in Clinical Psychology in the U.S. in September.    I do not believe I could have come this far without the encouragement, help, care and support I received and still receive from the staff in the Forensic Psychology program at FDU


The M.A. Forensic Psychology Program provided with me the opportunity to apply psychological principles to legal matters, allowing me to pursue my dream career.  I learned about the common issues in this emerging area of psychology from some of the leading experts in the field. Additionally, I was afforded an internship experience that opened many doors and helped me obtain the job that I have today. I am currently employed by New York State Office of Mental Health and am working as a clinician in a correctional facility. The MA program went above and beyond in preparing me for my career and I am truly grateful for both the education and guidance I received.


I was accepted into the M.A. Forensic Psychology program as a Fulbright Scholar from Syria in 2010. As an international student I had different needs from my fellow students; the faculty were very understanding of my needs, very cooperative and supportive to me all along the program.

The curriculum was interesting; it covered in depth both the psychological and legal aspects of forensic psychology, which made the classes enjoyable, challenging and engaging. In addition, the diversity in professors’ teaching styles that ranged between structured learning and “think out of the box” learning, allowed me to get the best out of each teaching style.

I now work with an International NGO, providing assessment and counseling for traumatized individuals; survivors of war, torture, rape and other crimes. Thanks to this program, I am highly prepared to serve this population.

Jessica Lynch

Thank you so much! I could not have asked for a better experience in a masters program. Looking forward to graduation in May! Thanks for everything.

AshleyAshley Estoup

I graduated from the M.A. Forensic Psychology program at FDU in February 2015. The faculty all provide very unique views and expertise from multiple areas of forensic psychology. I enjoyed learning from very established professionals in the field and hearing the different experiences they have had throughout their careers. I completed my externship at Mountainview Youth Correctional Facility and enjoyed every moment of my time there. I was lucky enough to work in multiple departments, including: the psychology, social services, substance abuse and security divisions in the facility. I also was able to attend AP-LS and presented a research paper that I worked on with a former professor. I began a PhD program at Seattle Pacific University in September of 2015 and will have the opportunity to complete my practicum at forensic sites. FDU played a major role in developing my interest in forensic psychology and preparing me for the rigors of a PhD program.

NicoleNicole Zerr

I am a recent graduate of the Masters Forensic Psychology program class of 2015 at FDU. I took the journey to New Jersey from Pennsylvania to pursue my dream career in the study of both psychology & the criminal justice system. Through my experiences in this program I was able to meet colleagues that soon became family. Spending almost two years with the same individuals allowed for us to grow off of one another. I could not have asked for a better support system!

As for my professors, they became my role models. Each of the professors prepared me with real world scenarios, allowing me to expand my knowledge and put it into use during my externship requirement. During this experience I was an extern at Northern State Prison, a maximum security, adult-male facility. The challenge of seeing first hand mental illness amongst offenders allowed me to put my expertise into use. I also was able to study abroad short term in England at the Wroxton campus. The opportunity was amazing, especially while taking a criminal profiling class. I strongly encourage future graduates to take advantage of the trip if they can! I currently am a youth counselor at Bergen's Place Youth Shelter, but hope to pursue my career and continue to climb the ladder in order to reach my dream job as a Forensic Psychologist.