Postdoctoral M.S. Program in Clinical Psychopharmacology


The program consists of a series of 10 courses specifically designed and developed for psychologists seeking to expand their knowledge of psychopharmacology. A sequence of core courses provides the basic science foundation and knowledge base in pathophysiology, neuroscience, and pharmacology for clinical applications. A professional issues course addresses the legal and ethical considerations and related standard of care topics. The didactic program concludes with a series of treatment courses addressing specific categories of mental disorder and the related psychopharmacological issues. These courses provide psychologists with important knowledge of the treatment of mental disorders with medication. A Clinical Practicum Elective is available for those practitioners who desire to practice the management of psycho pharmacotherapy in a supervised setting.

In addition to required readings and videotapes lectures, students participate in online discussions and weekly chats. These chats represent the only weekly requirement that is scheduled; all other activities occur at the convenience of the participant.

The didactic portion of the program is divided into five 15-week semesters. Two courses are completed each semester. Courses run sequentially to allow participants to focus on one topic at a time.



Course Credit

The Psychopharmacology Postdoctoral Training Program is sponsored by the Fairleigh Dickinson University School of Psychology. The School of Psychology is approved by the American Psychological Association to offer continuing professional education for psychologists. The School of Psychology maintains responsibility for the program. Upon successful course completion, each course in the program is approved for 45 Continuing Professional Education Credits for Psychologists. In addition, passing the course results in 3 graduate credits towards the Postdoctoral Master of Science in Clinical Psychopharmacology, a 30-credit master's degree.


Courses 1 & 2:  PSYC7910 &PSYC7915 Biological Foundations I and II
(7.5 weeks)
Course 3:  PSYC7920 Neuroscience
(7.5 weeks)
Course 4:   PSYC7925 Neuropharmacology
(7.5 weeks)
Course 5:  PSYC7930 Clinical Pharmacology
(7.5 weeks)
Course 6:  PSYC7935 Professional Issues and Practice Mgmt.
(7.5 weeks)
Courses 7-10: 

PSYC7940PSYC7945,PSYC7950 &PSYC7955

Treatment Issues in Psychopharmacology: A Case Study Approach
(7.5 weeks)


The PEP Exam

All graduate degree programs in New Jersey are required to include a capstone experience, usually a thesis or comprehensive examination. This can be completed in several ways, including the Psychopharmacology Examination for Psychologists (PEP Exam). The PEP Exam meets this requirement for the Postdoctoral Master of Science in Clinical Psychopharmacology program, as it is expected that successful completion of the PEP Exam will be a requirement for licensure as a prescribing psychologist in most states. To find out more about the PEP Exam, click here.

Clinical Practicum Elective

Practitioners who successfully complete the 10 didactic courses will be eligible to enroll in the Clinical Practicum. Each participant will identify, arrange with, and recommend a clinical supervising preceptor (M.D. or D.O.) to be approved by Fairleigh Dickinson University. As defined by the APA-model curriculum, the practicum will include at least 100 supervised patients for mastery of specified objectives and clinical competencies. This experience may be arranged within the student's local clinical community. The Academic Director of the program will assist in the identification of an appropriate preceptor if needed.