M.S. in Medical Technology

This program is offered under the auspices of the Henry P. Becton School of Nursing and Allied Health, University College: Arts • Sciences • Professional Studies, Metropolitan Campus, Teaneck, New Jersey.

Requirements for the Master of Science Degree

  1. Satisfactory completion of a minimum of 35 credits consisting of 12 credits of biology/chemistry; 6 credits of computer science; 6 credits of administration or business courses; 5 credits of research, including a research project; and 6 credits of Clinical Practicum.
  2. Upon admission to the M.S. in medical technology program, a student is required to meet with the associate director of allied health from the School of Nursing and Allied Health to discuss a program plan suitable to his or her interests.
Biology/Chemistry  (12 credits)

Select 12 credits from the following:

BIOL5306     Immunology
BIOL6705     Advances in Cell Biology
BIOL6720     Recombinant DNA
BIOL6721     Advances in Molecular Genetics
BIOL6724     Human Genetics
BIOL6733     Enzymology
BIOL6760     Virology
BIOL6761     Advanced Microbiology
BIOL6840     Cell Culture
CHEM6781     Biochemistry
CHEM7747     Protein Chemistry
CHEM7755     Spectroscopy

Computer Science (6 credits)

Select 6 credits from the following:

CSCI5505     Introduction to Computer Programming
CSCI5525     Introduction to Computer Science
CSCI5555     Data Structures
EENG7704     Computer-based Instrumentation

Administration/Business (6 credits)

Select 6 credits from the following:

EHLS6801     The Health-Care and Life Sciences Industry Cluster
EHLS6805     Health-Care Financial Operations
PADM6602     Budgeting and Finance

Medical Technology (11 credits)

MEDT6623     Clinical Practicum I
MEDT7701     Advanced Research
MEDT7725     Clinical Practicum II
MEDT7731     Clinical Practicum III
MEDT7752     Research Seminar I
MEDT7753     Research Seminar II