Doctor of Nursing Practice (D.N.P.)

Core Courses
(24 credits)

NURS8000     Research I: Research Methodology and Scholarly Discourse
NURS8004     Research II: Evidence Based Practice Methodology
NURS8003     Health Disparities: Social, Ethical and Legal Issues
NURS8001     Applied Statistics
NURS8002     Health Care Delivery Systems and Public Policy
NURS8007     Scientific Basis for DNP Practice
NURS8008     Information System for Healthcare
NURS8009     Epidemiology, Genomics and Global Health

Specialty Track Courses (12 credits)

Didactic content of these courses will be the same for Clinical Leadership and Organizational Leadership students. Application will be specialized for Clinical Leadership and Organizational Leadership students.

NURS8010     Health Quality Assessments and Outcomes
NURS8011     Leadership/Organizational Analysis
NURS8012     DNP Role Development, Management and Entrepreneurship
NURS8013     Residency I
NURS8014     Residency II
NURS8015     Capstone Project Advisement
NURS8320     Continuous Matriculation**

Total credits (36 credits)
** For students who are not actively registered for any course must register for Continuous Matriculation.