B.S. in Nursing (Eight Semester Plan)


4-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing Curriculum
1st Semester (16 credits) 2nd Semester (18 credits)
BIOL2203/23    Human Anatomy and
Physiology I & Lab 
CHEM1107/17     Sciences & Lab
Chemistry for Health
CSCI1105       Computers and Software 
ENWR1101     Academic Writing
UNIV1001     Transitioning To University Life
PHED____           Physical Education Elective

BIOL2125/26     Microbiology for Health
Sciences & Lab
BIOL2204/24     Human Anatomy and
Physiology II & Lab
ENWR1102     Academic Research and Writing
MATH1105      College Algebra
NURS1101      Preview of Professional Nursing
UNIV1002        Preparing for Professional Life

3rd Semester (16 credits) 4th Semester (15 credits)
NURS2003     Fundamentals of Nursing I
NURS2200     Health Assessment
NURS2210     Pathophysiology
NURS3209     Bioethics
PSYC1103     General Psychology
NURS2004     Fundamentals of Nursing II
NURS2005     Professional Communication Skills: 
Individual, Family & Groups
NURS2007     Pharmacotherapeutics
SPAN1111       Spanish for Health
PSYC2201     Statistics
5th Semester (13 credits) 6th Semester (13 credits)
NURS3300     Medical-Surgical Nursing I
NURS3310     Psychiatric Nursing
NURS3208     Healthcare Economics
NURS3320     Women’s Health Nursing
NURS3340     Nursing Care of the Child and Family
Free Elective
7th Semester (14 credits) 8th Semester (15 credits)
NURS4410     Community Health Nursing
NURS4420     Health Care Management
NURS4430     Nursing Research
UNIV2001       Cross-Cultural Perspectives
NURS4440     Medical-Surgical Nursing II
NURS4460     Prep for Success
SPCH1155     Public Speaking
UNIV2002      Global Issues
  • A minimum of 120 credits is required for graduation.
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