B.S. in Nursing

General Education Requirements (55 credits)

College Competencies (24 Credits)

ENWR1101     Academic Writing 
ENWR1102     Academic Rsrch & Writing Oral Communication
SPCH1155     Public Speaking Quantitative Analysis
MATH1105     College Algebra Ethical and Moral Analysis:
NURS3209     Bioethics Scientific Analysis
BIOL2203/23     Human Anatomy & Physiology I & Lab
BIOL2204/24     Human Anatomy & Physiology II & Lab  

Liberal Arts Requirements (24 credits)
BIOL2125/26     Microbio Health Sci. & Lab
CHEM1107/17     Chem for Health Sci. & Lab
CSCI1105     Computers and Software Physical Education
SPAN1111     Spanish for Health
PSYC1101     General Psychology I
PSYC2201     Statistics
Free Elective
University Requirements (13 credits)
FRSH1000     Freshman Seminar
CORE1001     Perspectives on the Individual
CORE2002     The American Experience
CORE2003     Cross-cultural Perspectives
CORE3004     Global Issues
Major Requirements (68 credits)

NURS1101     Preview of Professionl Nursing
NURS2003     Fundamentals of Nursing I
NURS2004     Fundamentals of Nursing II
NURS2005     Professional Communication Skills: Individual, Family & Groups
NURS2006     Life Span
NURS2007     Pharmacotherapeutics
NURS2200     Health Assessment
NURS2210     Pathophysiology
NURS3208     Healthcare Economics
NURS3300     Medical-Surgical Nursing I
NURS3310     Psychiatric Nursing
NURS3320     Women’s Health Nursing
NURS3340     Nursing Care of the Child and Family
NURS4410     Community Health Nursing
NURS4420     Health Care Management
NURS4430     Nursing Research
NURS4440     Medical-Surgical Nursing II
NURS4460     Prep for Success

Total credits (123 credits)
A minimum of 123 credits is required for graduation.