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Clinical/professional courses (43-45 credits)* are taken at Rutgers University. Students in the program work closely with their academic adviser to insure timely that the appropriate course work is taken and that timely applications for admission are filed. Admissions decisions for the clinical program are made in accordance with criteria, policies and procedures established by a joint Committee on Admissions and Academic Status for the degree program and cannot be guaranteed to Fairleigh Dickinson University. Students admitted to the clinical program must maintain a minimum grade point ratio of 2.85 in their remaining prerequisite courses at Fairleigh Dickinson University subsequent to admission.

The professional component, which begins in June of each year, is 15 months (four semesters) in duration & is offered by Rutgers-SHRP. The curriculum covers all major areas of medical laboratory science/medical technology with additional experiences provided in laboratory management, education, research, instrumentation, computers, health care issues, and human & professional values. On- and off-campus practical experiences are incorporated to compliment classroom instruction.

The Rutgers University, School of Health- Related Professions (SHRP)*  

* This program is part of a joint degree program and is 15 months in duration through the Clinical Laboratory Sciences program