B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Sciences (B.S.C.L.S.)

Participation in this program will result in a B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Sciences with a concentration in cytotechnology or medical laboratory sciences awarded jointly between FDU and The Rutgers University, School of Health- Related Professions(SHRP)*. Details on this offering may be found through the associate director of allied health in the School of Nursing and Allied Health.


Cytotechnologists are health professionals who practice diagnostic cytology, the examination of cells removed from body sites to determine if cancer or benign diseases are present. Cytotechnologists work with pathologists to detect and interpret microscopic abnormalities and to correlated cytologic findings with clinical information before a diagnosis is rendered.

Medical Laboratory Sciences: 

Medical Laboratory scientists are clinical laboratory professionals who play a major role in patient care, providing laboratory data which are crucial for the diagnosis of diseases, the management of patient therapy and maintenance of health. Medical Laboratory scientists perform a wide variety  of analytical procedures requiring expertise in state-at of-the-art technology and instrumentation, as well as organizational, problem solving and communications skills. Major disciplines in medical technology include clinical chemistry, clinical immunology, clinical micro-biology, hematology, immunohematology and urinalysis.

At the metropolitan campus the degree is available through the Henry P. Becton School of Nursing and Allied Health in University College: Arts·Science·Professional Studies, At the College at Florham, the degree is offered through the Department of Biological Sciences and Allied Health in Becton College of Arts and Sciences.