Pre-Baccalaureate ABSN-DNP

The Henry P. Becton School of Nursing and Allied Health offers the following Accelerated DNP Programs:

Completion of the following academic prerequisites on a college level with a minimum Grade of B:

*Human Anatomy and Physiology (8 credits, with lab)

*General Chemistry (4 credits, with lab) – Note: Introductory Chemistry is not accepted

*Microbiology (4 credits, with lab)

Statistics (3 credits) - course must include inferential and descriptive statistics

Microeconomics or Macroeconomics (3 Credits)
(Required pre-requisite for 1 year program; taken as co-requisite for 2 year program only)

Bioethics / Medical Ethics (3 credits)
(Required pre-requisite for 1 year program; taken as co-requisite for 2 year program only)

*Must have been taken within the last 5 years

Pre-Baccalaureate ABSN-DNP with Gerontology focus  
109 credits & 1000 clinical hours

Required BSN Courses (51 credits)

NURS2003     Fundamentals of Nursing
NURS2004     Fundamentals of Nursing II
NURS2005     Prof Communication Skills
NURS2007     Pharmacotherapeutics
NURS3310     Psychiatric Nursing
NURS3320     Women’s Health Nursing
NURS3300     Med-Surg 1
NURS3340     Nursing Care of the Child and Family
NURS4410     Community Health Nursing
NURS4420     Health Care Management
NURS4430     Nursing Research                      
NURS4440     Med Surg II

***Student takes RN licensure exam***

Required MSN Courses (22 credits)

NURS6620/6621     Advanced Health Assessment
NURS6615     Advanced Pharmacology
NURS7702     Advanced Pathophysiology
NURS6682/6683- Primary Care I – Lecture and Clinical
NURS7735/7736-Primary Care II – Lecture and Clinical
NURS7759/7760-Primary Care III -Lecture and Clinical

***Student takes APN exam***

CORE Courses (24 credits)

NURS8000     Research I: Research Methodology
NURS8001     Applied Statistics
NURS8002     Health Care Delivery Systems  and Public Policy 
NURS8003     Health Disparities:  Social, Ethical, Legal Issues  
NURS8004     Research II: Evidence-Based Research
NURS8007     Scientific basis for DNP Practice
NURS8008     Information Systems for Health Care
NURS8009     Global Health:  Epidemiology and Genomics  

Speciality Courses(12 credits)

NURS8010     Health Quality Assessment & Outcomes
NURS8011     Leadership/Organizational Analysis
NURS8012     DNP Role Development & Entrepreneurship 
NURS8013     Residency
NURS8014     Residency II  
NURS8015     Capstone Project Advisement
Residency       500 hours