Degree Requirements - A.S. in Radiography

Core Requirements (26 credits)

Basic Skills (13 credits)

ENWR1101     Academic Writing
ENWR1102     Academic Research & Writing
MATH1105     College Algebra    
CSCI1105       Computers and Software

Social & Behavior Sciences (3 credits)

PSYC1101     General Psychology I 

Lab Sciences (3 credits)

PHYS1114     Physics for Radiography

University Requirements (12 credits)

CORE1001     Perspectives on the Individual
CORE2002     The American Experience
CORE2003     Cross-cultural Perspectives
CORE3004     Global Issues

Major Requirements (50 credits)

A. Core Radiography Courses (34 credits)

RADT1101     Intro to Radiography & Protect
RADT1105     Radiographic Procedures I 
RADT1131     Prin. Radiographic Exposure I
RADT2251     Adv. Prin. Radiographic Exposure
RADT1135     Radiographic Procedures II
RADT1150     Fundamentals of Patient Care
RADT2252     Radiation Bio & Adv Safety Prc
RADT2254     Rad Imaging Equipment & Quality Management
RADT2255     Radiographic Procedures III
RADT2271     Radiographic Pathology 
RADT2275     Radiographic Procedures IV

B. Clinical Education (16 credits)

RADT1110     Practicum I
RADT1120     Practicum II
RADT1130     Practicum III
RADT1140     Practicum IV
RADT2250     Practicum V
RADT2270     Practicum VII
RADT2280     Practicum VIII