Family Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner - Florham

As a Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, graduates will be qualified to diagnose and treat clients with a wide variety of mental illnesses. Students graduate with an advanced practice nursing (APN) degree and are eligible to take the family psychiatric/mental health nurse practitioner exam (ANCC) to become certified in the field.

Degree Requirements                                                                                                       42 credits

Nursing Core (8 credits)

NURS6600     Intro. to Adv. Nursing Philosophies, Theories, Roles & Issues
NURS7701     Advanced Research & Evidence Based Practice
NURS7752     Master’s Project

Specialized Advanced Nursing Practice (34 credits)

NURS7702     Advanced Pathophysiology
NURS6620     Advanced Nursing I: Health Assessment
NURS6621     Adv Nursing I: Health Assess Practicum
NURS6615     Advanced Pharmacology
NURS6701     Psychopharmacology
NURS7812     Family Systems
NURS7815     Advanced Practice Role Development
NURS6501     Advanced Psych/MH Nursing Theory I: Families and Children
NURS6502     Advanced Psych/MH Nursing Theory I: Practicum
NURS6503     Advanced Psych/MH Nursing Theory II: Adults
NURS6504     Advanced Psych/MH Nursing Theory II: Practicum
NURS6505     Advanced Psych/MH Nursing Theory III: Geriatrics
NURS6506     Advanced Psych/MH Nursing Theory III: Practicum

Total Credits: 42 credits; Clinical Hours: 555 hours