B.S. in Health Studies - Science Track

The Bachelor of Science in Health Studies, Science Track, is for students who plan to go on for graduate studies in Medicine, Dentistry, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant, Health Administration, or other graduate programs.

Semester 1                                          (16 credits)
BIOL1201/03 Biological Diversity & Lab
CHEM1201 General Chemistry I
CHEM1203 General Chemistry I Lab
ENGW1101 College Writing Workshop
MATH1107 Precalculus
UNIV1001 Transitioning to University Life
Semester 2      (16 credits)
BIOL1202/04 Into to Molec, Cells, & Genes & Lab
CHEM1202 General Chemistry II
CHEM1204 General Chemistry II Lab
ENGW1102   Research Writing Workshop 
MATH1203 Calculus I
UNIV1002  Preparing for Professional Life
Semester 3      (14 credits)
BIOL2203/23 Human Anatomy & Physiology I & Lab
CHEM2261 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM2263 Organic Chemistry I Lab
CSCI1145 Computers and Computing
UNIV2001  Cross-cultural Perspectives
Semester 4   (17 credits)
BIOL2204/24  Human Anatomy & Physiology II & Lab
BIOL2125/26  Microbiology for Health Sciences & Lab
PSYC1201   General Psychology I
SPCH1107   Fundamentals of Speech               
SPAN2001   Spanish for Health Personnel 
Semester 5     (17 credits)
PHIL1440  Biomedical Ethics      
MGMT2600  Organizational Behavior 
PSYC2210 Psych Statistics
PHYS2003/13 Gen Physics with Calculus I & Lab   
UNIV2002  Global Issues
Semester 6     (13 credits)
HIST____   History Elective  
NURS3351  Epidemiology
MGMT3700  Human Resource Management
PHYS2004/14 Gen Physics with Calculus I & Lab   
Semester 7     (15 credits)
LITS_____  English Literature
NURS2110 Pathophysiology                            
NURS3208 Health Care Economics
NURS4300 Introduction to Research 
MEDT4301 American Health Care Systems
Semester 8     (12 credits)
NURS4420 Health Care Management  
MEDT4302  Health Care Law & Policy   
MEDT4303  Global Health    
MEDT4307  Health Studies Practicum    
A minimum of 120 credits is required for graduation.