B.S. in Health Studies - General Track

The Bachelor of Science in Health Studies, General Track, is for those students who plan to work in a healthcare field and are not interested in pursuing advanced degrees that require more intensive science prerequisites.

Semester 1                                          (15 credits)
BIOL2203/23 Human Anatomy & Physiology I & Lab
CHEM1107/17 Chemistry for Health Science & Lab
CSCI1145  Computers and Computing
ENGW1101  College Writing Workshop        
UNIV1001  Transitioning to University Life
Semester 2      (16 credits)
BIOL2204/24 Human Anatomy & Physiology II & Lab
BIOL2125/26 Microbiology for Health Sciences & Lab
ENGW1102   Research Writing Workshop 
MATH1105  College Algebra
UNIV1002  Preparing for Professional Life
Semester 3      (16 credits)
BIOL1201/03 Biological Diversity & Lab
COMM2099  Professional Communication 
MATH1107  Precalculus
UNIV2001  Cross-cultural Perspectives
Semester 4   (16 credits)
BIOL1202/04  Into to Molec Cells, & Genes & Lab 
PHIL1440  Biomedical Ethics
PSYC1201  General Psychology I
SPCH1107  Fundamentals of Speech
UNIV2002  Global Issues
Semester 5     (14 credits)
LITS_____  English Literature
NURS2217 Information Systems
NURS3353 Normal and Therapeutic Nutrition
MGMT2600  Organizational Behavior 
SOCI1201  Introduction to Sociology
Semester 6     (16 credits)
HIST____ History Elective  
MGMT3700  Human Resource Management
PSYC2210 Psych Statistics
SPAN2001   Spanish forHealth Personnel
Semester 7     (15 credits)
NURS2110 Pathophysiology                            
NURS3208 Health Care Economics
NURS3351 Epidemiology in Health Care
MEDT4301 American Health Care Systems
NURS4430 Introduction to Research 
Semester 8     (12 credits)
NURS4420 Health Care Management  
MEDT4302  Health Care Law & Policy   
MEDT4303  Global Health    
MEDT4307  Health Studies Practicum    
A minimum of 120 credits is required for graduation.