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Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is a professional degree program, preparing graduates to become registered nurses. Nursing courses are challenging, as students are taught the nursing process, nursing assessment and critical thinking skills, which will enable them to act independently while caring for others.

The undergraduate Nursing program at the Florham campus is now enrolling first-time freshmen and transfer students. Nursing classes start in spring of the freshman year for first-time freshmen, highlighted by clinical rotations that begin in the sophomore year in a variety of health care facilities. Specialty areas studied include:

  • medical-surgical nursing,
  • psychiatric nursing,
  • nursing care of children and families,
  • women’s health nursing,
  • rehabilitative nursing, and
  • community health nursing.

Most nursing courses are offered during the daytime, although many of the required and elective liberal arts courses are also available in the evening.

Contact Information

Dr. Marycarol Rossignol
Associate Director
Nursing programs at Florham
Phone: 973-443-8236


"I like the new high tech facility and the attention that we get from our well-qualified professors and the small class sizes." -Nicole Altman

“ Florham nursing has allowed me to experience opportunities like never before. In these three short semesters of attending FDU, I feel more confident, professional, intelligent, and simply have grown as an individual. The program…pushes me to strive for the gold everyday. Thanks to FDU Nursing, I not only have found what I love, but also found who I am.”  - Dillon Scott Hathaway