University College Biology Seminar Series

School of Natural Sciences - Teaneck Campus

SPRING 2019       THURSDAY 5:25-6:15PM        DICKINSON HALL  RM. 4468

The public is invited         Refreshments                      

For information call (201) 692-2389

1/24         The development of art and technology in the Upper Paleolithic

    Joseph Stout, Ph.D., Lecturer of Biology, SONS, FDU


1/31         Understanding our blue planet: Connections between the physical and biological ocean

                 Josh Kohut, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Marine and Coastal Sciences, Rutgers Univ


2/7           Proper cell migration depends on the regulation of WAVE by RHO genes

                 Andre Wallace, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biology, SONS, FDU


2/14         People and Pollution: Water quality issues in the Hackensack River watershed

               Christine Favorito, AmeriCorps NJ Watershed Ambassador, Hackensack Riverkeeper


2/21         Tenakill and Musquapsink Brooks: Biological Monitoring

                 Marion McClary, Ph.D., Professor of Biology, SONS, FDU


2/28         A Big Mystery: The Characterization of the Largest Poxviral Protein

               Sara Reynolds, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biology, Biological & Allied Health, FDU


3/7           Sinking Cities-The Impact of Sea Level Rise on NYC

                 Joseph Labriola, Adjunct Professor of Biology, SONS, FDU


3/21        It’s Only Measles!!

               Isadore Kreel, M.D., Clinical Professor of Surgery, Mount Sinai School of Medicine


3/28         Enzymology of Substrates, Inhibitors and Activators

                 Ish Kumar, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Chemistry, SONS, FDU


4/4           The Emerging Threat of Cyanotoxins on Potable and Recreational Waterbodies: Cause, Effect and Management

               Stephen Souza, Ph.D., Founder, Princeton Hydro


4/11        Solving skin related problems with tribology

                 Anna Debska-Chwaja, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor of Chemistry, SONS, FDU


4/18         Wavelet Denoising of In Vivo Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging Data

                 Anne Marie Suozzi-DeBellis, MS, Professor, Intelligentia Academic Support

4/25         SONS Student Presentations


5/2           SONS Student Presentations