University College Biology Seminar Series


THURSDAY 5:30-6:20PM - DICKINSON HALL RM. 4468 *unless stated otherwise

The public is invited-- For information call (201) 692-2389--Refreshments  

Aug 30  An introduction to research in the biological sciences

    Michael Liss, FDU, Evening Reference Librarian, Giovatto Library


Sept 6   Writing your seminar paper     *To be held in the Giovatto Auditorium in the Giovatto Library*

    Helen Kuttner, FDU, Tutor, Metro Writing Studio  


Sept 13  How to build a resume that supports your major

    Christine Vitale, FDU, Career Development Specialist & Federal Work Study Coordinator, Career Development


Sept 20   Chemoreception: The science of smell and taste                  Stephen Herman, FDU, Adjunct Professor of Chemistry, School of Natural Sciences and Univ. of Cincinnati


Sept 27  Polymeric rheology modifiers as delivery systems

  Joseph Albanese, Regional Sales Manager, Sytheon Ltd.


Oct 4   Radiation from jets emanating from close to super-massive black holes at centers of galaxies

  Giridhar Nandikotkur, Ph.D., FDU, Assistant Professor of Physics, School of Natural Sciences   


Oct 11    Crustaceans in a changing ocean: assessing the effects of environment on adhesion and biomineralization

  Gary Dickinson, Ph.D., The College of New Jersey, Associate Professor of Biology, Department of Biology


Oct 18     Next generation DNA and RNA microarrays: Enhancing the drug discovery process

    Claude Gagna, Ph.D., NY Institute of Technology, Associate Professor of Biology, Department of Life Sciences


Oct 25     Phosphostasis & cell fate – Phosphorylation states of PEA – 15 & regulation of cell proliferation & apoptosis

  Yufeng Wei, Ph.D., New Jersey City University, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry

Nov 1   Bioconservation research with Operation Wallacea

    Kirsten Pickford, United States Deputy Director, Operation Wallacea  


Nov 8   Ant tales from near and far: Predictors of leaf cutter ant running speed and foraging choices

    Sylvio Codella, Ph.D., Kean University, Associate Professor, School of Environmental & Sustainability Sciences  


Nov 15  Tribology of human skin

    Anna Debska-Chwaja, Ph.D., FDU, Adjunct Professor of Chemistry, School of Natural Sciences


Nov 29  Monitoring and Restoration at New York City’s Drowning Tidal Marshes

    Ellen Hartig, Project Manager Forestry, Horticulture, and Natural Resources New York City Parks Department 


Dec 6     Role of bacterial aggregation in biofilm formation

      Harvey Winters, Ph.D., FDU, Senior Lecturer of Biology, School of Natural Sciences