Advisement Procedures

A School Advisor (Mentor) is a faculty member who assists a student with advice about his/her college career and subsequent education or career choices. Each semester, every undergraduate student in the School of Natural Sciences is expected to meet at least once with his/her School Advisor. Advice about medical, dental, and other professional schools should be obtained from the SONS pre-professional advisor, Dr. Leonida.

Faculty Advisors (Mentors):

For Biology, Marine Biology, Environmental Science or Science

Dr. A. Benzecry

Dr. I. Isquith

Dr. R. LoPinto

Dr. N. Philips

Dr. J. Stout

Dr. M. Warunek

For Chemistry or Biochemistry

Dr. I. Kumar

Dr. M. Leonida

Dr. A. Murphy

Setting up a meeting:

  • Students will be assigned an advisor (Mentor) who closely follows their area of interest and that advisor will be theirs throughout their stay at FDU. By the 10th week of each semester, a student is expected to have met with their advisor (Mentor).

  • The appointment will be set up by the student contacting their advisor (mentor) either directly or by email or voicemail.

  • Students should bring to the meeting a copy of their Degree Audit and a proposed schedule of classes they wish to take.

In the meeting the faculty advisor and the student will:

  • Review their Degree Audit.
  • Review progress toward the major.
  • Review Academic Plan for the semester and beyond.
  • Review career goals and render career advice.
  • Mentors will take brief notes on each meeting for the student’s file to provide continuity from semester to semester.
  • If a student doesn’t meet with a mentor by week 10, a “HOLD” will be put on registration for the next semester