Requirements - M.S. Cosmetic Science Program

Required Courses (20 credits)

COSC6547     Skin Care Raw Materials & Formulations
COSC6543     Hair Care Raw Materials & Formulations
COSC6548     Cosmetic Science Laboratory
PHYS6753      Applied Colloid & Surface Science
CHEM6526     Product Development
CHEM6529     Microtoxicity and Biochemistry
BIOL6756     Dermal Pharmacology & Immunology

Cosmetic Science Electives (minimum 6 credits) (6 credits)

CHEM6546     Perfumery
COSC6549     Color Cosmetics
COSC6542     Claims Substantiation
CHEM6781     Biochemistry
CHEM6773     Polymer Chemistry
BIOL6728     Bioethics

Free Electives  (maximum 6 credits )
(subject to completion of  prerequisites or instructor approval)
(6 credits)

Take 6 additional credits from a 5000 level or higher CHEM, BIOL, MKTG, PHAR, MGMT, COMM, COSC, or CCOM

Total Credits (32 credits)