B.S. in Marine Biology

1st Semester (18 credits)

MBIO2209/MBIO2219     Intro to Marine Biology & Lab
CHEM1201     General Chemistry I
CHEM1203     General Chemistry I Lab
MATH2337     Applied Statistics I
ENWR1101     Academic Writing
FRSH1000     Freshman Seminar
CSCI1105     Survey: Comp & Software

2nd Semester  (18 credits)

ENVR1111/ENVR1112     Oceanography & Lab
CHEM1202     General Chemistry II
CHEM1204     General Chemistry II Lab
1Mathematics Sequence
ENWR1102     Academic Research & Writing
CORE1001     Perspectives on the Individual

3rd Semester (16 credits)

BIOL1251     General Biology I
BIOL1253     General Biology Lab I
CHEM2261     Organic Chemistry I
CHEM2263     Organic Chemistry I Lab
ENGL2201     Masterpieces of World Lit. I
1Mathematics Sequence

4th Semester (16 credits)

BIOL1252     General Biology II
BIOL1254     General Biology Lab II
CHEM2262     Organic Chemistry II
CHEM2264     Organic Chemistry Lab II
ENGL2202     Masterpieces of World Lit. II
CORE2002     The American Experience
2Free Elective

5th Semester (17 credits)

MBIO3650/MBIO3651     Physiology Marine Animals
CORE2003     Cross-Cultural Perspectives
BIOL2210/BIOL2211     Genetics & Lab
2Humanities/Social Sci Elect.
Oral Communication:
SPCH1155     Public Speaking

6th Semester (FDU's Field Station in Samana, Dominican Republic) (15 credits)

MBIO3200     Tropical Marine Vegetation
MBIO3400     Tropical Marine Invertebrates
MBIO3900     Tropical Marine Vertebrates
MBIO3700     Tropical Marine Ecology
MBIO4201     Marine Bio Research I

7th Semester (17 credits)

PHYS2203     University Physics I
PHYS2201     General Physics Lab I
MBIO4202     Marine Bio Research II
BIOL3225/26     General Microbiology & Lab
CORE3004     Global Issues
Ethical and Moral Analysis:
BIOL4405     Ethics in Science

8th Semester (14 credits)

PHYS2204     University Physics II
PHYS2202     General Physics Lab II
ENVR6706     Appl Principles Geog Info System
CHEM3281     Biochemistry I
BIOL4414/24     Animal Behavior & Lab

1MATHEMATICS SEQUENCE: In the freshman year students are required to take either Precalculus or Calculus. The first-year course must be followed by a second mathematics course in sequence, i.e., Calculus I or Calculus II.

2FREE ELECTIVES: May be chosen from any courses offered at the university after consultation with an advisor.

ETHICAL AND MORAL ANALYSIS:Requirements consist of a three-credit course that is substantially concerned with ethical theories and questions. This course could be in Philosophy or a course within a major program.

ORAL COMMUNICATION: Requirements consist of a three-credit course that is substantially concerned with public speaking and oral presentations, typically a course in Speech.

DISTANCE LEARNING REQUIREMENTS: All University students are required to complete one (1) on-line distance learning course during each academic level (freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior year) of matriculation.

A total of fifteen (15) marine biology credits are taken at FDU’s field station in Samana, Dominican Republic during the spring semester. A three (3)-credit non-science distance learning course must be taken at the field station in Samana for a total of eighteen (18) credits.

A minimum of 129 credits is required for graduation.