Requirements - Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Chemistry Core Requirements (12 credits)

CHEM6525     Physical Chemistry
CHEM7713     Structural Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM6673     Physical Organic Chemistry
CHEM6781     Biochemistry

Pharmaceutical Concentration Requirements (12 credits)

CHEM6755     Medicinal Chemistry
CHEM7737     Chemical Analysis of Pharmaceuticals
CHEM6754     Drug Delivery Systems
One of the following:
COMM6002     Effective Presentations
COMM6005     Technical Writing
COMM6007     Writing Proposals
COMM6020     Health Communication

Free Electives  (9 credits)

CHEM7733     Instrumental Analysis
CHEM6631     Advanced Analytical Chemistry
CHEM7810     Internship/Laboratory Work Experience:
PHAR6605     The Pharmaceutical Industry: Structure and Government Regulations   
PHAR6615     Pharmaceutical Marketing and Product Development
PHAR6650     Chemical Industries Management of Production, Purchasing and Quality Control in the Pharmaceutical
MATH6738     Applied Statistics II
MATH6729     Statistical Programming
MKTG5532     Strategic Marketing
CHEM6773    Polymer Chemistry
BIOL6733       Enzymology
BIOL6840       Cell Culture
BIOL6900       Biology Seminar