Degree Requirements - M.S. in Biology

Required Biology Courses (32 credits)
* with or without research option

BIOL6900     Biology Seminar I
BIOL6901     Biology Seminar II

Graduate Biology Courses (30 credits) Choose from the following:

BIOL5306     Immunology 
BIOL6240/41     Cell Biology Lab & Lecture
BIOL6705     Advances in Cell Biology
BIOL6724     Human Genetics 
BIOL6725     Human Evolution
BIOL6728     Bioethics
BIOL6733     Enzymology 
BIOL6740     Molecular Endocrinology
BIOL6743/44    Topics in Bioinformatics 
BIOL6761     Advances in Microbiology
BIOL6771     Behavioral Ecology
BIOL6775     Physiological Ecology
BIOL6779     Darwinian Medicine
BIOL6845/46     Molecular Biology Techniques Lecture & Lab
BIOL6888     Physiology of Disease 
BIOL6892     Human Physiology
ENVR6552    Environmental Risk Assessment
ENVR6569    Wetland and Watershed Resources
BIOL7803     Research & Thesis I *
BIOL7804     Research & Thesis II *

These courses may include additional graduate biology courses, independent studies or other graduate chemistry or science courses that would fulfill a student’s specific needs as approved by the graduate advisor and director for the Master of Science in Biology.