B.S.- M.S. in Biological Science

The combined accelerated program B.S./M.S. in Biological Science allows students to earn both degrees for a total of 149 credits, instead of 160. Students are required to take 33 graduate credits and 116 undergraduate credits. Students must decide to be in this program by the end of their sophomore year and arrange their program for their junior and senior years in close consultation with their academic advisers.
1st Semester (12 credits)

BIOL1251       General Biology I 
BIOL1253       General Biology I Lab
CHEM1201    General Chemistry I
CHEM1203    General Chemistry Lab I
ENWR1101    Academic Writing
UNIV1001       Transitioning to University Life

2nd Semester (16 credits)

BIOL1252        General Biology II 
BIOL1254        General Biology II Lab
CHEM1202     General Chemistry II
CHEM1204     General Chemistry Lab II
ENWR1102     Academic Research & Writing
Math Sequence
UNIV1002        Preparing for Professional Life

3rd Semester (16 credits)

BIOL2250/BIOL2150      Ecology & Field Biology and Lab  (or)
MBIO2209/MBIO2219     Intro to Marine Biology
CHEM2261     Organic Chemistry I
CHEM2263     Organic Chemistry Lab I
ENGL2201      Masterpieces of World Lit. I
Math Sequence 

4th Semester (15 credits)

BIOL2210/BIOL2211     Genetics and Lab
BIOL2300        Experimental Design
CHEM2262     Organic Chemistry II
CHEM2264     Organic Chemistry Lab II
ENGL2202      Masterpieces of World Lit. II

5th Semester (15 credits)

BIOL2237/BIOL2239     Human Structure & Function and Lab
BIOL3225/BIOL3226     General Microbiology and Lab
UNIV2001       Cross-Cultural Perspectives
PHYS2203      University Physics I
PHYS2201      General Physics Lab I

6th Semester (16 credits)

BIOL____       Biology Elective
CHEM3281    Biochemistry I
PHYS2204     University Physics II
PHYS2202     General Physics Lab II
Fine Arts Elective
Humanities/Soc Sci Elect
3 Free Elective

7th Semester (16 credits)

CHEM4855/CHEM4856     Techniques: Theories & Appl
BIOL4900      Biology Seminar I
Biology Elective
4Graduate Biology Elective
3Free Electives
UNIV2002      Global Issues

8th Semester (14 credits)

BIOL4405     5Ethics in Science
BIOL4901     Biology Seminar II
BIOL4240/BIOL4241     Cell Biology & Lab
Graduate Biology Electives
SPCH____    6Oral Communication Elective 

9th Semester (12 credits)

4 Graduate Biology Electives

10th Semester (10 credits)

4 Graduate Biology Electives

1MATHEMATICS SEQUENCE:  Students are required to include in the first year at least one semester of Calculus.

2HUMANITIES/SOCIAL SCIENCE ELECTIVE:  Include courses in Social Sciences, History, Philosophy or Political Science. A foreign language is recommended for students intending to go on to Graduate School.

3FREE ELECTIVES:  Students may be chose from any courses offered at the University after consultation with an advisor, but may include no more than six credits of “1000” level Biology courses.  (Students may not take BIOL1101-1102).  A Physical Education course is recommended for students to go on to schools of Veterinary Medicine.

4GRADUATE BIOLOGY ELECTIVES:  Students may take any BIOL course at or above the “5000” level.

5ETHICAL AND MORAL ANALYSIS:  Students must take BIOL4405 Ethics in Science to satisfy this requirement.

6ORAL COMMUNICATION:  Requirements consist of a three-credit course Speech course.

A minimum of 120 credits is required for the BS degree, and a minimum of an additional 21 credits for the MS degree