B.S. in Biochemistry & M.S. in Cosmetic Science

The University offers a five-year program that allows qualified students to attain a  B.S. in Biochemistry & M.S. in Cosmetic Science. This program is designed for students who plan a career in the cosmetic, toiletries or fragrance industries.
1st Semester (16 credits)

BIOL1251/BIOL1253     General Biology I & Lab
CHEM1201     General Chemistry I
CHEM1203     General Chemistry I Lab
MATH1201     Calculus I
ENWR1101     Academic Writing
UNIV1001       Transitioning to University Life

2nd semester (16 credits)

BIOL1252/BIOL1254     General Biology II & Lab
CHEM1202     General Chemistry II
CHEM1204     General Chemistry II Lab
MATH2202     Calculus II
ENWR1102     Academic Research & Writing
UNIV1002        Preparing for Professional Life

3rd Semester (15 credits)

CHEM2261     Organic Chemistry I
CHEM2263     Organic Chemistry I Lab
PHYS2203     University Physics I
PHYS2201     General Physics Lab I
UNIV2001       Cross-cultural Perspectives 
ENGL2201     Masterpieces of World Lit. I

4th Semester (15 credits)

CHEM2262     Organic Chemistry II
CHEM2264     Organic Chemistry Lab II
PHYS2204     University Physics II
PHYS2202     General Physics Lab II
UNIV2002       Global Issues            
ENGL2202     Masterpieces of World Lit. II

5th Semester (14 credits)

CHEM3281     Biochemistry I
CHEM3241     Physical Chemistry I
CHEM3243     Physical Chemistry Lab I
3Advanced Math Course
1Humanities/Soc Sci Elective

6th Semester (13 credits)

BIOL6733        Enzymology 
CHEM3242     Physical Chemistry II
CHEM3244     Physical Chemistry Lab II
6Free Elective
SPCH____      8Oral Communication

7th Semester (16 credits)

BIOL4405     Ethics in Science
CHEM2211     Inorganic Chemistry I
CHEM3231     Analytical Chemistry
3Cosmetic Science Requirement 
4Cosmetic Science Elective

8th Semester (15 credits)
BIOL2210 / BIOL2211     Genetics & Lab
CHEM4233     Instrumental Analysis
CHEM4234     Instrumental Analysis Lab
CHEM4314     Inorganic Chemistry II
CHEM3314     Inorganic Chem Lab II
3Cosmetic Science Requirement

5Cosmetic Science Requirement

9th Semester (12 credits)

3Cosmetic Science Requirement (6 credits)
4Cosmetic Science Elective (3 credits)
5Graduate Requirement (3 credits)

10th semester (11 credits)

3Cosmetic Science Requirement (6 credits)
COSC6548     Cosmetic Science Lab

1HUMANITIES/SOCIAL SCIENCE ELECTIVES: Include courses in Social Sciences, History, Philosophy or Foreign Language At an intermediate level or above. (Foreign language is recommended for students intending to go to graduate school.)

2ADVANCED MATHEMATICS COURSE: select one course, three credits, from the following:

MATH2203     Calculus III
MATH2337     Applied Statistics for Scientists

GRADUATE COURSE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE BS (9 credits) AND MS (additional 23 credits) DEGREES: Students should consult with their advisors for course selections and new course offerings.

3Required Courses: (20 credits)

COSC6547     Skin Care Raw Materials & Formulations
COSC6543     Hair Care Raw Materials & Formulations
COSC6548     Cosmetic Science Laboratory
PHYS6753     Applied Colloid & Surface Science
CHEM6526     Product Development
CHEM6529     Microtoxicity and Biochemistry
BIOL6756       Dermal Pharmacology & Immunology

4Cosmetic Science Electives (6 credits)

CHEM6546     Perfumery
BIOL6728        Bioethics
COSC6549     Color Cosmetics
COSC6542     Claims Substantiation
CHEM6781     Biochemistry
CHEM6773     Polymer Chemistry

5Graduate Major Electives (9 credits)

Includes any 5000 level or higher graduate course in Chemistry (CHEM), Biology (BIOL), Marketing (MKTG), Pharmaceutical Chemistry (PHAR), Management (MGMT), Communication (COMM, CCOM), or Cosmetic Science (COSC).

6FREE ELECTIVES: May be chosen from any courses offered at the University after consultation with an advisor.

7ETHICAL AND MORAL ANALYSIS: Requirements consist of a three-credit course that is substantially
concerned with ethical theories and questions. This course could be in Philosophy or a course within a major

8ORAL COMMUNICATION: Requirements consist of a three-credit course that is substantially concerned with public speaking and oral presentations, typically a course in Speech.

A minimum of 120 credits is required for the BS degree, and a minimum of an additional 23 credits for the MS degree, for a total of 143 credits for the combined degree.