B.S. in Biochemistry - Doctor of Pharmacy

Seven-year Program with Fairleigh Dickinson University School of Pharmacy

Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Accelerated 7- Year B.S. in Biochemistry/Pharm.D. program provides a platform for currently enrolled students at both New Jersey campuses who are interested in FDU’s Doctor of Pharmacy program within the School of Pharmacy.

High achieving students can enter into one of three accelerated tracks (in Biochemistry, Biology or Chemistry) with the potential to matriculate into the School of Pharmacy following completion of three years of undergraduate study. Students who maintain a 3.3 GPA with no pharmacy prerequisite course below a B- are guaranteed an interview for admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy program. A letter of recommendation from a faculty member or advisor is also required.

Following the interview process, students admitted to the Doctor of Pharmacy program will maintain their undergraduate scholarships and aid during the fourth “bridge” year while completing both their first professional year of study and their baccalaureate degree in their major area of study.

A minimum of 128 credits is required for the BS degree, 100 of these are taken at the Metropolitan Campus in yrs. 1-3 + 28 credits (to be approved by department chair/director) in year 4 at FDU’s School of Pharmacy. Students not accepted into FDU’s School of Pharmacy have the option of switching out of the BS in Biochemistry - PharmD combined degree and into another concentration.

1st Semester (16 credits)

BIOL1251/BIOL1253     General Biology I and Lab
CHEM1201     General Chemistry I
CHEM1203     General Chemistry Lab I
MATH1201     Calculus I
ENWR1101     Academic Writing
UNIV1001       Transitioning to University Life

2nd semester (16 credits)

BIOL1252/BIOL1254     General Biology II & Lab
CHEM1202     General Chemistry II
CHEM1204     General Chemistry II Lab
MATH2202     Calculus II
ENWR1102     Academic Research & Writing
UNIV1002        Preparing for Professional Life

3rd Semester (18 credits)

BIOL4405     1Ethics in Science
CHEM2261     Organic Chemistry I
CHEM2263     Organic Chemistry I Lab
PHYS2203     University Physics I
PHYS2201     General Physics Lab I
UNIV2001       Cross-cultural Perspectives 
2Humanities Elective

4th Semester (18 credits)

CHEM2262     Organic Chemistry II
CHEM2264     Organic Chemistry Lab II
PHYS2204      University Physics II
PHYS2202      General Physics Lab II
UNIV2002       Global Issues           
2Humanities Elective
3Speech/Prof Communication Elective

5th Semester (15 credits)

BIOL2237/BIOL2239     Human Structure & Function I & Lab
CHEM3241/CHEM3243     Physical Chemistry I & Lab (or)
CHEM4233/CHEM4234     Instrumental Analysis & Lab
CHEM3281     Biochemistry I
MATH2337     Applied Statistics

6th Semester (16-17 credits)

BIOL3210 / BIOL3211     Genetics & Lab
BIOL3357/BIOL3358     Human Structure & Function II & Lab
BIOL4901     Biology Seminar
CHEM3242/CHEM3244     Physical Chemistry II & Lab (or)
CHEM3231     Analytical Chemistry
BIOL6733     Enzymology

7th Semester (20 credits)

PHRM6100     Found in Pharmaceutical Science
PHRM6101     Found in Integrtd Pharmacotherapy I
PHRM6201     Pharmaceutics I:Concepts & Calc
PHRM6211     Pharmaceutical Calculations
PHRM6301     Medical Comm & Technical Wrtng
PHRM6321     Pharmacy Law & Ethics
PHRM6401     Prof Pharm Pract I: Hlth Care Delivery

8th Semester (18 credits)

PHRM6102     Intgrtd Pharmacotherapy II:Gastrointestinal
PHRM6103     Intg Phrmcothrpy III:Derm,OTC,Self  
PHRM6104     Intg Phrmcothrpy IV:Cardiology 
PHRM6111     Intg Phrmcothrpy Conceptual Cnctn 
PHRM6202     Phrmctics II:Dsage Frms&Drug Dlvry
PHRM6402     Prof Phrmcy Pract II: Phrmcst Roles
PHRM6701     Beyond the Curriculum


WRITTEN COMMUNICATION:  ENWR1101 and 1102 will satisfy this requirement.

QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS:  MATH 1201 and 2202 will satisfy this requirement.

1ETHICAL AND MORAL ANALYSIS:  Students must take BIOL4405 Ethics in Science to satisfy this requirement.

2HUMANITIES:  Take six credits of any course that has the prefix ENGL, HIST, HUMN, LANG, PHIL, or RELI, or the following ART courses:  ART1103, 1107, 1108, 1120, 1131, 1133, 1135, 1136, 1137, 2137, and 2238. Courses may be within the same discipline or different disciplines, but either way at least one course must be at the 2000 level or above.

3SPEECH/PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION:  Requirements consist of a three-credit Speech course.

ART AND CULTURE:  This requirement is waived as it will be satisfied by UNIV2002 Global Issues.

SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS:  This requirement will be satisfied by BIOL1251 and 1252.



PHRM6501     Intro Pharmacy Practice Experience 
PHRM7105     Integrated Pharmacotherapy V: Neurology, Psych. Anesth.
PHRM7106     Integrated Pharmacotherapy VI:  Infectious Disease     
PHRM7107     Integrated Pharmacotherapy VII:  Pulmonary, EENT 
PHRM7108     Integrated Pharmacotherapy VIII:  Endocrine, Renal, Repro.
PHRM7111     Integrated Pharmacotherapy V-VI:  Conceptual Connection
PHRM7112     Integrated Pharmacotherapy VII-VIII:  Conceptual Connection
PHRM7201     Pharmaceutical Dispensing & Compounding  
PHRM7202     Pharmaceutics III:  Sterile Products & Biopharmaceuticals
PHRM7301     Biostatics
PHRM7302     Epidemiology & Public Health 
PHRM7401     Professional Pharmacy Practice III:  Informatics/Drug Info.  
PHRM7501     Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience II 
PHRM7701     Beyond the Curriculum II  
PHRM8109     Integrated Pharmacotherapy IX:  Autoimmune & Rare   
PHRM8110     Integrated Pharmacotherapy X:  Hematology/Oncology 
PHRM8111     Integrated Pharmacotherapy I-X:  Whole System Overview
PHRM8112     Case Studies in Pharmacy           
PHRM8202     Pharmacogenomics & Personalized Medicine    
PHRM8301     Pharmacoepidemiology, Pharmacoeconomics, Outcomes 
PHRM8302     Public Health & the Global Mission of Pharmacy   
PHRM8402     Professional Pharmacy Practice IV:  Leadership/Management  
PHRM8501     Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience III          
PHRM8601     Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience I:  Community   
PHRM8602     Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience II:  Hospital  
PHRM8603     Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience III:  Am Care  
PHRM8604     Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience IV:  IM
PHRM8605     Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience V:  Elective
PHRM8606     Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience VI:  Elective    
PHRM8607     Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience VII:  Elective  
PHRM8608     Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience VIII:  Elective    
PHRM8609     Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience IX:  Elective 
PHRM8701     Beyond the Curriculum III       
PHRM8900     Pharmacy Capstone   

Elective Courses 21

A minimum of 123 credits is required for the BS degree; 99 of these are taken at the Metropolitan Campus in yrs. 1-3 + 24 credits (to be approved by department chair/director) in year 4 at FDU’s School of Pharmacy. Students not accepted into FDU’s School of Pharmacy have the option of switching out of the BS in Biochemistry, PharmD combined degree and into another concentration.

Seven-year Program with Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy, Shenandoah University

Students are admitted to FDU as incoming freshmen or qualified transfer students. They may apply for the B.S. degree upon successful completion of six semesters at FDU and the first year of study at Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy, Shenandoah University. A maximum of 32 credits from the School of Pharmacy may be transferred toward completion of the B.S. degree at FDU.

While enrolled at FDU, students are required to follow the accelerated preprofessional curriculum in chemistry and are expected to maintain a minimum cumulative grade point ratio of 3.25 or higher in all course work and a minimum of 3.40 in all science courses.

Qualified students enrolled in the combined degree program will be guaranteed a seat at Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy, Shenandoah University for training in pharmacy. To qualify, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Completion of all FDU curriculum requirements, including the general education requirements and the degree program requirements for the major and all prerequisite courses required for admission to the School of Pharmacy. Students need to obtain a grade of 3.40 or higher in science courses;
  • A GPA of 3.25 or higher;
  • Submission of a satisfactory Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) score (75 or higher) in a timely fashion (taken no later than October of their junior year);
  • A score of 36 or higher (out of 40) for the interview at Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy, Shenandoah University;
  • Two favorable letters of recommendation from FDU faculty;
  •  One letter of support from a health care provider;
  • Students currently enrolled at FDU who seek admission to the combined degree program must apply to the School of Natural Sciences, University College: Arts • Sciences • Professional Studies, Metropolitan Campus, Teaneck, N.J prior to the completion of 60 credit hours at FDU or at least one year before the anticipated date of matriculation at Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy, Shenandoah University.

Students not accepted into Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy have the option of switching out of the BS in Biohemistry - PharmD combined degree and into another concentration.