The emphasis of the biochemistry curriculum is at the chemical and molecular level and is strongly based on a chemistry foundation. It is designed for meeting the entrance requirements for medical and dental schools, and to prepare the students for careers in biochemistry and for graduate study in this important area.

CHEM1201, CHEM1202 General Chemistry I, II and CHEM1203, CHEM1204 General Chemistry Laboratory I, II will be waived for students who achieve a satisfactory score on the Advanced Placement Chemistry Test. These students will register for CHEM2261, CHEM2262 Organic Chemistry I, II and CHEM2263, CHEM2264 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I, II and will elect a two-semester sequence in advanced chemistry electives in the seventh and eighth semesters.

Admission Requirements 

For matriculation in the biochemistry curriculum, successful completion of secondary school courses in elementary and intermediate algebra, plane geometry, trigonometry and one unit each of chemistry and physics.

Degree Requirements

B.S. in Biochemistry

B.S. in Biochemistry & M.S. in Science (Cosmetic Science Concentration)

B.S. in Biochemistry & M.S. in Chemistry (Pharmaceutical Chemistry Concentration)

B.S. in Biochemistry - Doctorate in Pharmacy

Program Coordinator

To know more about the Biochemistry program please contact

James Dougherty

Assistant Professor and Associate Director
School of Natural Sciences
Voice: 201-692-2487
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