Writing Program Spaces, Events, and Tools

Writing Studio:

The Metro Writing Studio is located in Giovatto Library just behind the Reserves Desk. At times during the semester, your freshman writing class will meet in the Writing Studio where you will write and revise papers and/or learn how to conduct academic research. In addition, you are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities for improving your writing that the Metro Writing Studio offers: individual tutorial sessions, small group workshops, and one-credit mini courses designed to produce effective writing. The wireless technology, Studio laptops, and flexible seating of this environment promote — in ways that an ordinary classroom cannot — collaboration between students and professors/tutors as well as among students themselves. In addition, professors may require students in ENWR 1101 or 1102 to bring at least one essay or draft to a tutoring session in the Studio, so that they can receive feedback from a reader other than the course instructor and peers. The Metro Writing Studio provides support for all the writing that you do in all your classes, not only your Academic Writing classes.


METRO is an in-house publication of exemplary student papers submitted in any of the previous year’s academic writing courses. A professor may identify an exceptional paper and ask a student’s permission before submitting it for consideration, or a student may choose to submit a paper directly. Names are erased from papers and juried anonymously by a team of faculty members, and the finalists are contacted either directly or through their instructors. The collection is generally published once a year at the beginning of the Spring term. Publication in METRO is both an honor and a gift: an honor for the writer and a gift of inspiration to incoming students. Further, your professor may also use it as a tool in your classroom. METRO signals that the writing you do in your academic writing classes is not an isolated exercise but a contribution to a community of writers.

Safe Assign:

In the Writing Program, we take academic integrity extremely seriously. Faculty may use a variety of methods to help them identify instances of academic dishonesty. One of the tools in use at FDU is “Safe Assign,” which is a feature of Webcampus, our online course management system. Your instructor can require you to submit your work to “Safe Assign,” and can, in addition, make use of many other tools and strategies to detect plagiarism and other violations of the University’s Academic Integrity Policy.