Philosophy Program Curriculum


In addition to the General Education requirements students majoring in philosophy must complete 36 credits of philosophy courses, including the following four required three-credit courses:

PHIL1000        Life of the Mind

PHIL1105        World Religions

PHIL2000        Logical Thinking

PHIL2105        Current Moral and Social Issues

Additionally, philosophy majors take four three-credit courses in a major concentration of their choice, three three-credit major elective courses, and one three-credit major capstone course.

The B.A. in Philosophy requires 128 credits. Of the 128 credits, including the following:

General Education Requirements - 52 credits

College Competencies

21 credits

Liberal Arts Distribution

18 credits

University Requirements

13 credits

Major Requirements - 36 credits

Required Courses

12 credits

Major Track Courses :
Law, Logic, and Critical Thinking
Applied Ethical Thinking
Comparative Religion and Philosophy

12 credits

Major Elective Courses (PHIL 1000 and above)

9 credits

Philosophy Capstone Course (PHIL 3000 and above)

3 credits


MINOR/SAC - 18 credits

Free Electives - 22 credits


B.A. in Philosophy (Applied Ethical Thinking Concentration)

B.A. in Philosophy (Comparative Philosophy and Religion)

B.A. in Philosophy (Law, Logic, and Critical Thinking)