Philosophy Program Concentrations

The Program in Philosophy and Religion offers three major concentrations. Students will take four courses in the concentration of their choice. For a list of the courses that count towards each concentration, please click on the title of each.
Law, Logic, and Critical Thinking
This option offers students a concentrated series of courses designed to strengthen analytical thinking.  Students selecting this track will obtain a solid grounding in those thought processes which prepare them for a career in the law or other careers in which the ability to offer well-reasoned arguments is essential. The skills developed in this track can be put to good use by students in any and all professions.
Applied Ethical Thinking
This option focuses on the development of moral reasoning as it is applied to a variety of professional settings.  Students will study ethical theory as it bears upon issues in health care, business, journalism, the law, and a variety of other settings. Career preparation will be enhanced by those choosing this track, as employers increasingly seek out graduates with training in ethics in the workplace.  The impact of moral reasoning in social and political settings will also be examined.
Comparative Philosophy and Religion

This track places the traditional study of the history of philosophical and religious thought within a global perspective.  It notes that Western thought — often the sole or main focus of the philosophy major – is but one strand among many across the globe.   Many career tracks demand knowledge of thought systems across the globe and the ability to lead cross-cultural and inter-cultural dialogues.  This track also will help students become global citizens.