Why study Humanities?

Top Ten Reasons to Major in Humanities:

  1. The Bachelor of Arts in Humanities allows you to explore the perspectives of and interrelationships between a number of disciplines, including history, philosophy, English/American/World literature, art, and the humanistic social and behavioral sciences.

  2. The B.A. in Humanities emphasizes critical reading, writing, and thinking skills, as well as interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving, which are valued in all professional settings. The Humanities program is dedicated to preparing students for professional life, whether you are beginning a new career or seeking advancement in an existing career.

  3. Through your studies in the Humanities major, you will be helped to think clearly and critically about issues that confront us as human beings throughout the course of our personal and professional lives.

  4. The B.A. in Humanities offers more flexibility in course selection than most other majors, allowing students to choose courses from a wide range of disciplines.

  5. Humanities majors take courses with distinguished faculty in a wide variety of disciplines.

  6. The Humanities program offers special interdisciplinary seminars that help Humanities majors integrate the perspectives of the disciplines they study.

  7. Humanities faculty advisors work with each student individually to choose the course of study that is right for them.

  8. The Humanities program works to build a feeling of community among both traditional and non-traditional students.

  9. Humanities majors choose between six distinctive primary concentrations: American Studies; British Studies; Digital Humanities; Global & Cultural Studies; Liberal Studies; or Sustainability

  10. The broad-based Humanities degree provides students with an excellent academic and professional foundation for virtually any career.