Required Course (3 credits):

BIOL1001/BIOL1011(LAB): Principles of Modern Biology

Complete twelve credits from the following list of courses:

BIOL1105/BIO1115 (Lab): The Human Environment
BIOL2250/BIO2150 (Lab): Ecology and Field Biology
BIOL2120/BIOL2121(Lab): Introduction to Aquaculture and Hydroponics
ENGL3044: The Environment in Literature and Culture
ENGL3047: American Nature Writers
ENVR1001/ENVR1002(LAB): Introduction to Environmental Science
ENVR1101/ENVR1102 (Lab): Physical Geology
ENVR1105: Weather and Climate
ENVR1123: Natural Hazards   
ENVR1111/ENVR1112 (Lab): Oceanography (4 credits)
HIST3105: U.S. Environmental History
HUMN2447: Ecology for Life: Building a Lifestyle for a Sustainable Planet
MBIO1118/MBIO1128(Lab): Beach Ecology(4 Credits)
MBIO1209/MBIO1219(Lab): Introduction to Marine Biology
PHIL3311: The Ethics of Food
POLS3011: Human Rights in Global Environment
SOCI3318: Health and Society: Access and Issues

Other, selected classes may be approved by a Humanities faculty advisor.