Global and Cultural Studies

Choose any five courses from the following list:

AFST1101: Africa and Africans I
AFST1102: Africa and Africans II
COMM1101: Mass Media: Image, Sound, and Text
COMM1105: Intercultural Communication
COMM2102: International Communication
COMM2104: Language, Culture, and Communication
COMM2210: Popular Culture and the Media
COMM2415: Sports and Popular Culture
COMM3102: Media, History, and Society
COMM/HUMN4468: Bollywood and Beyond: India in Film
ENGL3381: Popular Fiction
ENGL3382: Special Topics in Black Literature
ENGL3383: Ethnic Literatures of the United States
ENGL3384: Postcolonial Literature
ENGL3389: The Global Novel
ENGL3392: International Literature
ENGL/HUMN3396: South-African Literature, Sex, Politics
ENGL/HUMN3399: Continental Drift: Sex, Gender, and Family in the South Asian Diaspora
ENGL3430: Contemporary African Literature
ENGL4445: Caribbean Literature
HIST1215: World History Since 1500
HIST3202: Middle East I
HIST3102: Race in America
HIST2245 Islamic History
HIST3360 Modern African History
HUMN3220 Political and Social History of Music
HUMN/PHIL3307 Slavery and Global Ethics 
HUMN/PHIL2440: Human Rights
HUMN/PHIL2443: African-American Political Thought
HUMN2454: Music, Power, and Freedom
HUMN2456: Dissent in Popular Culture: From Inception to Iraq
HUMN/RELI3316: Babylon the Great: Culture, Religion, and Conflict in Iraq
HUMN3221: Coming of Age in America
HUMN/PHIL2448 Comparative Religions
HUMN/PHIL3307: Slavery and Global Ethics
LANG2201: Cultural Awareness and Languages
POLS2206: American Minority Politics
PHIL2321: African Philosophy
POLS3324: American Minority Groups
POLS3349: African American Politics
POLS3363: Middle East Politics
POLS3364: Middle East in World Affairs
POLS3367: Africa in World Affairs I
POLS3368: Africa in World Affairs II
POLS4463: Political and Economical Challenges in Africa
SOCI3326: Work in the Global Context  
SOCI3342: Sexual Diversity

Other, selected classes may be approved by a Humanities faculty advisor