Digital Humanities

Choose any five courses from the following list:

ART1174: Desktop Publishing
ART/COMM1175: Computer Animation I
ART/COMM1177: Introduction to Digital Media
ART1178: Multimedia on the Internet
ART1179: Digital Illustration and Design
ART1192: Digital Photography I
ART1843: Design for the Web
ART2255: Basics of Computer Animation
ART2275: Computer Animation II
ART1133: History of Photography
CSCI1105: Survey of Computers and Computer Software
CRIM2235: Cyber Crime
ENGR3000: Modern Technologies: Principles, Applications, and Impacts
HUMN2444 Technology and Its Critics
HUMN/INTER3041: Technology and Values
HUMN/SOCI3350: Social Life On and Off the Internet
INFO1101: Computer Concepts and Technology
INFO1201: Information Technology
INFO3205: Digital Media Publishing
INFO2105: Internet and Web Applications
PHIL3310: Human Perspectives in a Computerized Society
SOCI3401: Computers and Society

Other, selected classes may be approved by a Humanities faculty advisor