British Studies

Choose any five courses from the following list:

ART3415: Development of British Painting in Britain and North America (WR)
COMM3026: Communication:  Culture and the Media in Britain (WR)
ENGL2203: British Literature I
ENGL2204: British Literature II
ENGL3351: Medieval Literature
ENGL3353: Chaucer
ENGL3355: Renaissance Literature
ENGL3357: Shakespeare I
ENGL3358: Shakespeare II
ENGL3359: 17th Century Literature
ENGL3361: Milton
ENGL3363: 18th-Century Literature
ENGL3365: The Romantic Era I
ENGL3366: The Romantic Era II
ENGL3367: The Victorian Era I
ENGL3368: The Victorian Era II
ENGL3421: Not of an Age… But for All Time (WR)
ENGL3422: The Play’s the Thing (WR)
ENGL3463: England’s Green and Pleasant Land (WR)
ENGL3466: Three 19th Century Writers (WR)
ENGL3467: 18th Century Literature (WR)
ENGL4447: “The Tempest”: Music Rich and Strange
HIST3333: History of Britain, Ireland, and the Empire-Commonwealth I
HIST3334: History of Britain, Ireland, and the Empire-Commonwealth II
HIST3422: Britain in the Modern Era (WR)
HUMN4408: The British Mind
HUMN4409: The British Imagination
INTER3430: The Anatomy of Contemporary Britain (WR)
POLS3450: British Government and Politics (WR)
POLS3454: Descent from Power: British Foreign Policy Since 1900 (WR)
POLS3456: The Power and Personality of the British Prime Minister (not global) (WR)
SOCI3440: Women in Race in Modern Britain (WR)
SOCI3445: Social Policy in Contemporary Britain (WR)