American Studies

Choose any five courses from the following list:

COMM/ENGL3409: Glory and Shame: America on Film
ECON/HIST2206: Economic History of the United States
ENGL3049: Major American Writers I
ENGL3050: Major American Writers II
ENGL3131: 20th Century American Worker in Literature
ENGL3369: American Literature I
ENGL3370: American Literature II
ENGL3383: Ethnic Literature in the United States
ENGL3388: Regionalism in American Literature
ENVR1205: The Great Pacific Northwest: Environmental Issues and Cultural Perspectives
ENVR1215: The Great Pacific Northwest: Environmental Issues and Cultural Perspectives Laboratory
HIST1114: United States History I
HIST1115: United States History II
HIST2102: Sports in America
HIST2103: New Jersey History
HIST2104: United States Social and Cultural History
HIST2107: U.S. Economic History
HIST2189: Special Topics in U.S. History
HIST3101: American Immigration
HIST3102: Race in America
HIST3103: Gender in America
HIST3104: U.S. Diplomatic History
HIST3105: U.S. Environmental History
HIST3106: Culture and Technology in U.S. History
HIST3107: U.S. Constitutional History
HIST3120: Colonial and Revolutionary America
HIST3121: Age of Jefferson and Jackson
HIST3123: The U.S. Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST3129: 20th-Century American History I
HIST3130: 20th-Century American History II
HIST3134: America in the 1950s
HIST3137: Vietnam Conflict
HIST3189: Selected Studies in U.S. History
HIST/POLS3311: The American Presidency
HUMN/PHIL2443: African-American Political Thought
HUMN/PHIL2445: Democracy in America
HUMN2455: American Jazz and the Movement for Civil Rights
HUMN/PHIL2545: The American Mind