B.A. in Humanities Global & Cultural Studies Concentration

General Education Requirements (47 credits)
College Competencies (21 credits)
ENWR1101   Academic Writing
ENWR1102   Academic Research & Writing
Oral Communication
Quantitative Analysis
Ethical and Moral Analysis
Scientific Analysis
Liberal Arts Distribution  (18 credits)
Language and Culture
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Art and Humanities 

University Requirements (8 credits)

UNIV1001   Transitioning to University Life
UNIV1002   Preparing for Professional Life
UNIV2001   Cross-cultural Perspectives 
UNIV2002   Global Issues

Major Requirements (36 credits)
Required Course (3 credits) 
PHIL1000   The Life of the Mind
Interdisciplinary Humanities Seminar (6 credits)1
Thematic Concentration: Gloabal & Cultural Studies (24 credits)2
Humanities Capstone Seminar (3 credits)3
Minor/SAC (15 credits)
Free Electives (22 credits)
TOTAL (120 credits)

WRITTEN COMMUNICATION:  This requirement consists of six credits in English Composition (ENWR1101 and ENWR1102), and six credits of writing intensive courses within the major.

ORAL COMMUNICATION:  Requirements consist of a three-credit Speech course.

QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS:  Requirements consist of a three-credit course that is substantially concerned with mathematics and statistics with application to everyday problems.

ETHICAL AND MORAL ANALYSIS:  Requirements consist of a three-credit course that is substantially concerned with ethical theories and questions. This course could be in Philosophy or a course within a major program.

SCIENTIFIC ANALYSIS:  Requirements consist of a minimum of six credits of laboratory science.

LANGUAGE AND CULTURE:  This requirement can be satisfied by one of four options: traditional language courses with significant cultural elements, LANG courses listings under “Language and Culture Studies,” language-based study abroad, or the six highest ESL/ESP credits for non-native English speakers.

SOCIAL AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES:  This requirement can be satisfied by six credits of coursework in Communication, Criminal Justice, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology.

ART AND HUMANITIES:   This requirement can be satisfied by six credits of coursework in Art (visual or performing), English Literature, History, Philosophy, or Religion.


2THEMATIC CONCENTRATION:                                                                                                                        GLOBAL AND CULTURAL STUDIES:  8 Classes from AFST 1101, AFST 1102, COMM 1101, COMM 1105, COMM 2102, COMM 2104, COMM 2210, COMM 2415, COMM 3102, ENGL 3381, ENGL 3382, ENGL 3383, ENGL 3384, ENGL 3389, ENGL 3392, ENGL/HUMN 3396, ENGL/HUMN 3399, ENGL 3430, ENGL 4445, HIST 3339, HIST 3340, HIST 4446, HUMN/PHIL 2440, HUMN/PHIL 2443, HUMN/PHIL 2448, HUMN2454, HUMN 2456, HUMN/PHIL 3307, HUMN/RELI 3316, HUMN 3221, LANG 2201, PHIL 2321, POLS 2206, POLS 3324,  POLS 3349, POLS 3363, POLS 3364, POLS 3367, POLS 3368, POLS 4463, SOCI 3326, SOCI 3342

3HUMANITIES CAPSTONE SEMINAR:  Any 3000+ Humanities course

FREE ELECTIVE COURSES:  Additional courses to bring the total number of credits earned to 128 may be taken in any area or discipline.  

A minimum of 120 credits is required for graduation.