Foreign Languages Program Minors

[NOTE: Change in Minor to 15 credits effective Fall 2016. Current students can elect to move to 15 credits minor as of Spring 2016. Consult with your advisor]

Minor in Spanish Language Literature and Culture

Non-Spanish majors may complete a minor in Spanish Language and Culture by fulfilling the following 15 credits.

Students entering at the Elementary level 

SPAN1101     Elementary Spanish I 
SPAN1102     Elementary Spanish II
SPAN2103      Intermediate Spanish I 
SPAN2104     Intermediate Spanish II   
SPAN3301     Advanced Conversation in Spanish

Students entering at the Intermediate level:

SPAN2103     Intermediate Spanish I 
SPAN2104     Intermediate Spanish II   
SPAN3301   Advanced Conversation in Spanish  
SPAN4437   Advanced Composition in Spanish

3 credits from either Culture course below:

SPAN3456     Spanish Culture & Civilization
SPAN3439     Latin American Culture & Civilization

Romance Languages Minor

A Minor for students interested in the interrelationship of Romance Languages

Spanish and French Language Majors are not eligible for this Minor

This Minor requires 15 credits

RequiredLANG3321 Linguistics: Origin of Languages (3)

Students must take 6 credits at the elementary level in two languages other than the language with which they satisfied the General Education Requirements of University College.

Select 12 credits from

FREN1101 and FREN1102
ITAL1101 and ITAL1102
SPAN1101 and SPAN1102