Foreign Languages

The command of a second language is becoming more and more important in the global community in which we live. Language majors can find positions with multinational corporations, in international law, as translators or interpreters with private and governmental organizations, and in a variety of other fields including teaching.

At Fairleigh Dickinson University's Metropolitan Campus, the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Spanish Language and Literature is offered through the School of the Humanities. In addition it offers introductory through advanced courses in FRENCH, ARABIC, CHINESE, GERMAN, and ITALIAN. It also offers minor in Spanish Language and Culture and minor in Romance Languages .

Many students choose Fairleigh Dickinson University because of its location in the New York metropolitan area with its diversified population and languages. With so many theatres, cultural events, restaurants and ethnic areas, students have many opportunities to enhance their language skills and cultural understanding.


Students seeking the B.A. in Spanish Language and Literature receive a thorough grounding in foreign languages, providing great flexibility and breadth to their undergraduate studies. They take classes given by outstanding members of the foreign language faculty combined with multidisciplinary courses offered by faculty in the School of the Humanities.

The school encourages and mentors Language majors who are eligible and wish to participate in the University Honors Program.


Opportunities for successful careers for Language and Literature majors cover a broad range of professional endeavors. Graduates are pursuing exciting careers in fields that place increasing emphasis on multilingual preparedness, including the airlines, banking, business, communications, foreign service, government, the hospitality industry, import and export trade, International law, multinational corporations, teaching, tourism, translating and interpreting, and the United Nations.


Fairleigh Dickinson University's proximity to New York City --- the international, cultural, economic, financial and political center of the world ---- provides students with unique opportunities to experience first-hand the excitement of that environment. Students take field trips to Hyde Park and to the United Nations in session, where they have been hosted by missions from Egypt, South Yemen and Belgium, among others. Students have received briefings and special lectures on Ellis Island.

Additionally, students have had the opportunity to attend lectures, presentations and debates by distinguished international officials including the Ambassador of Egypt to China, the Ambassador of Yugoslavia/Montenegro to Brazil, the Ambassador of Jamaica to the United States, leaders of political groups in Israel, and the Arab-American Organization in New York.

Language majors are urged to spend a semester or summer abroad at an institution approved by the University.


All majors offered within the School of the Humanities are placed in an international context to reflect the global nature of our society. Fairleigh Dickinson University has long offered strong international programs taking advantage of the surrounding culture of internationalism. Majors are also encouraged to study at the University's Wroxton Campus in Oxfordshire, England to gain more insight into other cultures.

For any questions about the Foreign Language degree or curriculum, please contact

Dr. Janet Boyd,

Director, School of the Humanities
Voice: (201) 692-2263