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The English program includes a wide variety of engaging courses in English, American, Comparative Literature, and Creative Writing such as “Women in Literature,” “Caribbean Literature,” and “The Literature of Evil.” Our award-winning and published faculty members mentor and work closely with students in and outside of class. English majors at the Teaneck campus also have the unique opportunity to work as interns at the various publishing companies, businesses, and literary agencies in the North Jersey and New York City area. Another unique feature of the English program is the ability to complete portions of the degree while studying abroad at Wroxton College in England.

Emphasizing critical reading, writing, and thinking skills, as well as interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving, the Program in Humanities is dedicated to preparing students for professional life. The acquisition of broad-based skills emphasized by the Program in Humanities enhances effective performance in whatever career track you might choose.  In addition to taking engaging interdisciplinary Humanities courses, Humanities majors choose from several different concentrations including: American Studies; British Studies; Digital Humanities; Global & Cultural Studies; Liberal Studies; and Sustainability.

History majors have the opportunity to become familiar with the long sweep of the human past and the diversity of its cultures. They develop close reading skills and the ability to conduct research. Career opportunities for History majors cover a broad spectrum of professional endeavors in both the public and private sectors.

The Program in Philosophy and Religion is dedicated to producing graduates who will embrace “the examined life,” learning to ask probing questions regarding critical aspects of human existence.  Graduates of this program develop superior critical thinking and moral reasoning skills. Unique features of this program include courses like “One God, Three Paths,” which is co-taught by an imam, a rabbi, and a priest.

The command of a second language is becoming more and more important in the global community in which we live. Language majors can find positions with multinational corporations, in international law, as translators or interpreters with private and governmental organizations, and in a variety of other fields including teaching.

The School of the Humanities also offers numerous minors, including English, History, Philosophy, and Religion, as well as American Studies, British Studies, Creative Writing, Digital Humanities, Global & Cultural Studies, and Sustainability.

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Dr. Janet Boyd,
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Janet Boyd
Voice: (201) 692-2263