Field Experience

Fairleigh Dickinson University's QUEST & MAT teacher preparation programs are designed to prepare pre-service teachers for today's classrooms and those of the future. In order to do this effectively, collaborative partnerships with a network of cooperating districts have been established in which our pre-service teachers do their field experiences and apprenticeship teaching, which provide an opportunity for them to apply their knowledge of content and effective instructional practices.


EDUC2401  Field Experience I

EDUC2402  Field Experience II

EDUC3403  Field Experience III    

EDUC3404  Field Experience IV    


EDUC6561    Instructional Theory and Practice   

EDUC6571    Clinical Teaching Internship and Seminar I  

EDUC6572    Clinical Teaching Internship and Seminar II    

EDUC6575    Apprenticeship Teaching

EDUC6578    Assistantship & Clinical Sem    

EDUC6824    Teaching Laboratory and Field Experience I

EDUC6825    Teaching Laboratory and Field Experience II    

SOE'S Performance Based Assessment System     

Clinical Competency Inventory (CCI)

Placement Request Forms for Field Experiences

MAT Placement Request Form for Field Experience I & II

QUEST Placement Request Form for Field Experience I, II, III, IV 

Student Information Sheet for placement in ApprenticeShip Teaching