Program Claims

The QUEST Program produces teaching candidates who are:

  1. Qualified to teach subject matter;
  2. Competent in pedagogy;
  3. Caring professional;
  4. Technologically proficient;
  5. Culturally responsive to the needs of diverse learners;
  6. Reflective practitioners who embrace the concept of lifelong learning;
  7. Prepared to move from undergraduate courses in education into the MAT graduate level courses in education; and
  8. Prepared to obtain their instructional certification from the New Jersey Department of Education.

Educational Outcomes:

Upon completion of the QUEST program (5 years undergraduate and graduate levels), the teaching candidate will:

  1. Demonstrate the InTASC standards in performance, essential knowledge, and disposition;
  2. Develop and deliver instruction that incorporates the Common Core Standards, the NJ Core Curriculum Standards, and subject specific National Standards;
  3. Implement research-based best practices in effective planning and instruction to increase achievement of all students;
  4. Develop competency in addressing the diversity of the student population, including ELL students and students with disabilities;
  5. Integrate technology into lessons where content drives the use of technology in order to provide access to materials, increase student motivation and participation, differentiate instruction, and improve problem-solving skills and higher order thinking.
  6. Use multiple forms of continuous assessment to assess their students, collect data, and use the data to differentiate and inform instruction based upon student needs; and
  7. Assume the role of teacher leader within the educational community.