Program Claims

The Master of Arts in Mathematical Foundations Program produces teaching candidates who are:
  1. Qualified to teach elementary, middle school, and special education mathematics;
  2. Competent in pedagogy;
  3. Caring professionals;
  4. Technologically proficient;
  5. Culturally responsive to the needs of diverse learners;
  6. Reflective practitioners who embrace the concept of lifelong learning
  7. Prepared to obtain their instructional middle school mathematics certification from the New Jersey Department of Education.

Educational objectives

Upon completion of the program, Mathematical Foundations teaching candidates will:

  1. Implement research-based best practices in effective instruction to increase mathematics achievement of all students;
  2. Be competent professionals who can address the diversity of the student population, including ELL students and students with disabilities;
  3. Develop and deliver instruction that incorporates the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics;
  4. Continuously assess students and use student data to differentiate instruction based upon student needs;
  5. Integrate technology into the mathematics curriculum.



Includes New Jersey’s Only All-Online Option for Mathematics Educators

Math Foundations Outcomes FULL