M.A. in Education for Certified Teachers

The Master of Arts Certified Teachers (MACT) is a 36-credit program that allows teachers to pursue specializations while attaining their master’s degrees.  Each program is unique in that teachers can graduate with an 18-credit certification in their area of specialization and a 12-credit New Jersey Supervisor license.

The M.A. for Certified Teachers is offered under the auspices of the Peter Sammartino School of Education. Some courses may be available at the Metropolitan Campus; the Florham Campus, Madison, New Jersey; selected off-site locations; and selected community colleges. Cohort groups may be established in school districts with sufficient enrollment and are open to teachers in local districts.

Program Information for M.A.CT

  • Tuition rate is reduced with no hidden fees and comprable to that of a public university.
  • All programs incorporate standards based teaching methods that address the Core Common State Standards, The New Jersey Student Learning Standards, and the national subject-specific standards.
  • An approved 12-credit sequence of courses within the 36-credits M.A. degree will prepare the candidate to apply for a New Jersey Supervisor of Instruction Certificate with the completed M.A. and three years of successful teaching experience.
  • Instructional Technology is integrated into all teaching strategies and modeled throughout the curriculum. Web-based courses and other distance-learning modalities are utilized, as appropriate, to diversify course delivery and enhance the use of various technologies for instruction.
  • The FDU Certificates and New Jersey Certification and Endorsements may be taken without completion of the M.A.
  • Students may be accepted for fall, spring, or summer semesters. Applicants must specify specialization program or select the professional studies program, a generalist degree.
  • There is a one-time application fee of $50 required.
  • Program information and admission packages are available from the Graduate Admissions Office.

Admission and Matriculation for M.A.CT

All candidates who submit the following documents will be accepted as matriculated students in the M.A. for Certified Teachers (MACT) program:

  • Application
  • Official Transcripts, from all undergraduate and graduate institutions.
  • Standard Teacher License. (Exception: Provisional Teacher License for candidates currently enrolled as New Jersey Alternate Route candidates.)
  • Two letters of recommendations from individuals familiar with the candidate’s recent performance, one should be from an immediate supervisor.