M.A. in Science

Admission Requirements
Students applying for admission to FDU’s M.A. in Science program may hold a baccalaureate degree in any subject area from an accredited college or university. Applicants also are asked to provide:
  1. An official transcript of their undergraduate studies;
  2. GRE or PRAXIS scores, or copy of NJ Teaching Certificate; and
  3. Three letters of recommendation.
Program Curriculum

The following 33-credit curriculum prepares students with either a non-science or science background to become a "highly qualified" elementary, middle school or special education teacher.

Required Courses (24 credits)

SCIE6507     World of Science: Biological
SCIE6508     World of Science: Chemical
SCIE6509     World of Science: The Earth
SCIE6510     World of Science: Physical
SCIE6511     World of Science: Technological Applications
SCIE6512     World of Science: Environmental
SCIE6520     World of Science: Seminar
MATH6513    World of Mathematics: Mathematics in Science

Elective Courses (9 credits)

With the approval of the student’s academic adviser, elective courses may be selected from graduate offerings in science, education, psychology, computer science or mathematics.