M.A.T.-Eng. as a Second Lang./NJ Certi. Grades K-12

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is a graduate program for individuals who hold a baccalaureate degree in the liberal arts or sciences and wish to enter the teaching profession. This program provides an efficient path to state teacher licensure. Classes are scheduled for the convenience of students who combine the rigors of study with the demands of work and family.
First Certification in Teaching English as a Second Language

Degree candidates must successfully complete 36 credits in the following courses or the equivalent.

Courses Required for NJ Teacher Certification in ESL

EDUC6835     Effective Teaching and Effective Schools
EDUC6565     Second-language Acquisition: Methods and Curriculum
EDUC6631     Assessment in the Second-language Classroom
EDUC6574     Applied Linguistics for Language Teachers
EDUC6654     Literacy Development for Second- language Learners
EDUC6661     Behavioral Science for Teachers: The Multicultural Classroom
EDUC6584     Computers as a Teacher's Aid: Curriculum and Instruction

Fieldwork Courses Required for NJ Teacher Certification in ESL

EDUC6824     Teaching Lab and Field Experience I
EDUC6828     Teaching Lab and Field Experience II
EDUC6575     Apprenticeship Teaching
EDUC6825     Seminar: Apprenticeship

Total Credits for NJ Teacher Certification in ESL (31 credits)

Courses Required for Completion of MAT Degree
Approved Elective

EDUC7812     Final Project

Admission Requirements:
  1.  Cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale).
  2.  A passing score on all three sections of the Praxis I core batteries. The chart below details the test code numbers and passing scores set by the NJ Dept. of Education as of Dec. 2014

    Test Section Name  Code Number  Minimum Passing Score
    Core Academic Skills for Educators: Mathematics
    Core Academic Skills for Educators: Reading
    Core Academic Skills for Educators: Writing
  3. Two letters of recommendation
Apply for the University Provost's Scholarship and receive $300 per credit for the full program: http://view2.fdu.edu/university-offices/office-of-university-provost/university-provost-scholarship 
Other requirements for NJ Teacher Certification:
  1. Passing scores on the English OPI and WPT language proficiency exams. These are administered by Language Testing International (www.languagetesting.com).
  2. Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

NOTE: Certification requirements often change. For the most up-to-date information about requirements, visit the new Jersey Department of Education website at http://www.nj.gov/education/educators/license/.